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  1. All your funny posts go here...................
  2. You might be a dinaraholic if…
  3. You might be a dinaraholic if Part 2
  4. You might be a dinaraholic if Part 3
  5. You might be a dinaraholic if Part 4
  6. 1947- Aliens in our Government? LOL!
  7. Three Dinar RVers and Their Mother
  8. Parallels of Abraham Lincoln and B. H. Obama
  10. Can you read this? lol.
  11. Stupid question, great response!
  12. IRS funny! LOL
  13. Ear Infection...Don,t mess with seniors..LOL!
  14. Bubba and Cooter! LOL!
  15. Cowgirl...LOL!
  16. Gonorrhea Lectim..LOL!
  17. Food for Thought
  18. Letter to Mom and Dad, from camp...LOL!!!!
  19. Little Black Dress! LOL!
  20. About Iraq Election recorded March 5th
  21. Dog For Sale!
  22. Tickle me Elmo!! LOL!
  23. Cell Call
  24. 33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True, What Every Person Should Know...
  25. Blonde Dude on a cruise!
  26. Sipping Vodka...This is too funny...please don't be offended!
  27. Baptist Cowboy
  28. Ralph & Edna
  29. Walmart Application...for real! LOL!
  30. By far the funniest thing I ever read! You have to read this! LMAO! Got tears! LOL!
  31. A Lesson in Electricity
  32. a bank rumor
  33. Texas Chili Cook-off
  34. Funniest Court Drama I Have Seen
  35. Origin of a cuss word!
  36. Subject: Baked Beans.... If this doesn't make you laugh out loud, nothing will.
  37. The Obedient Wife
  39. Holy cow!!!
  40. Widdle Wabbit..LOL!
  41. The bathtub test...LOL!
  42. My Dog
  43. Sicilian Stress Test
  44. US Dept. of Homeland Security - Walk Naked In America Day
  45. Healthcare Bill Shown in a You Tube
  46. Only a man would try this!!
  47. 'Jesus knows you're here.'
  48. How Fights Start
  49. He Said; I Said
  50. Goodbye mom
  51. The Ransom Note
  52. Cleanliness
  53. Shoplifting Seagull in Galveston Texas
  54. Amazing Dinar Photo with Saddam on it.
  55. Arab Money
  56. Daddy's Rules for Dating my daughter
  57. An Obituary
  58. How everyone can be healthy and pain free!!
  59. The Man Rules
  60. This is my kind of prank!
  61. GeorgeBush, Queen Elizabeth, and Vladimir Putin
  62. Depressed
  63. An atheist in the woods
  64. The Mayonnaise Jar
  65. Worth a watch to remind those of us in the US the pledge we say
  66. Walk Naked In America Day
  67. A Note From God on Life
  68. Church Bulletin Bloopers
  69. Colonoscopy
  70. Here's China's Little Johnny" doing what all Little Johnnys do best . . . .
  71. Currency Manipulators To Be Exposed in April-MUST SEE!
  72. Watch this videos about Iraq Dinar youtube
  73. Stolen From Gankans
  74. Happy Easter!!
  75. Spelling Lesson..LOL!
  76. Little Old lady
  77. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ut-UPttf-dg
  78. The Squirrel
  79. The IRS Audit
  80. This one is for Jocko129- Chicken Farmer
  81. Hell's location discovered???
  82. Riddle
  83. Taking Our Country Back..."Let us help you pack"
  84. Noah's Ark
  85. When to start cussing
  86. The Perfect Solution!! LOL!
  87. Dear Lord
  88. Have you ever read the warning label on celebrex..
  89. Growing up without cell phones
  90. Timing in Dinar Revalue Video
  91. America is Color Blind
  92. You tube video about recount
  93. Youtube about the Iraqi Airways...
  94. *Pat *P at Good Game
  95. Best joke for 2010 so far
  96. What kids know about the ocean. LOL!
  97. 100 mile per hour goat! LOL!
  98. How fast can you guess these words? LOL!
  99. Catholic Humor!! LOL!
  100. In honor of Mother's Day
  101. May 3 Youtube Key Insight on Iraq Dinar
  102. Simple Solution to clean up the oil
  103. Truths for mature humans...
  104. Zen
  105. He's only 4 yrs old- wow !!!
  106. You Gotta Check This Out
  107. Iraq participates in Shanghai Expo
  108. What is politics
  109. An irish blonde in a casino
  110. Jenny Craig for Men! LOL!
  111. Toyota Truck
  112. Golf Robot
  113. Probably one of the best emails of the year!!!
  114. Not dinar related Here are some interesting facts??. (Some old & some new…but Fun!!)
  115. Teachers & Cops These are actual comments made on students' report cards by teachers
  116. Divorce agreement
  117. Post Turtle
  118. I like this analogy
  119. Actual writings from hospital charts)
  120. Now this makes sense for sharks
  121. A must see
  122. Do you know why?
  123. Uncle Jay This is funny but so true
  124. Tool Glossary...way to funny and true!
  125. Old German Shepard
  126. Awsome Song
  127. We're Never Gonna Stand For This
  128. Blonde Bet
  129. Not So Dumb Blond…
  130. Economic Development in Iraq, Views from the Front Lines
  131. 3900 Saturdays
  132. There Is A Clear Distinction
  133. Rv now!!!
  134. At least one of these should bring you a smile!
  135. So dern funny I just had to repost it!!! LMAO!
  136. DD..Forgotten man video
  137. Revelation Song
  138. Where did Piss Poor come from? A history lesson
  139. Parallels of Lincoln and Obama .....
  140. Adam Montana (Now this is Funny)
  141. You don't know Jack Schitt.
  142. Look At Me Syndrome (L.A.M.S.)
  143. Problem Solved
  144. Walk naked in america day
  145. So you wanna shower huh??
  146. The Day in Pics-
  147. The Power of Propaganda
  148. Pumper cashing in?
  149. Speedy Senior
  150. Nine words women use! LOL!
  151. Give till it hurts
  152. The New Obama Song
  153. The Candy with the Little Hole
  154. Spread the Stupidity
  155. Next Job
  156. Lovemaking tips for seniors
  157. Is iraqi dinar a scam
  158. ex wife problems
  159. You just gott’ a love and respect Texas women.
  160. Old big foot found
  161. lil bush girl meets obama girl
  162. Late Night - Iraq Jokes
  163. Obama Again Tells GOP: ‘You Gotta Sit in the Back Seat’
  164. Mom with cake
  165. Cat Vs. Printer
  166. Slow Emergency Response
  167. Be Very Quiet
  168. Best Divorce Letter Ever
  169. How The Fight Started
  170. Male or Female
  171. A Fairy Tale
  172. A Trip To The State Fair
  173. Spread the Stupidity
  174. Don't Marry A Woman From Michigan.
  175. You choose heaven or hell!
  176. Investments
  177. A Mexican, an Iraqi, and an American
  178. Old Time Hockey - Pre Lock Out
  179. Going Fishing
  180. Hockey Fan Fights
  181. Are you a Democrat, a Republican, or a Southerner?
  182. The Redneck Mirror
  183. Early Retirement!
  184. Blonde Mans Joke
  185. Health Care Bill Irony
  186. Job App.
  187. Advice from Larry, from the farmer next door.
  188. A cajun moves up north
  189. a laugh for MOJO and SD
  190. The Pope and Nancy Pelosi
  191. If you don't laugh at this one, you're not breathing…..
  192. Size does matter!
  193. Watchmaker Iraq makes the clock spin backward
  194. Geography Lesson of the Day
  195. Single Black Female seeking Mate
  196. this may sting a little bit!
  197. Female compassion
  198. I can relate to all of these....
  199. Conscious / gang steal $ 23 million in the Shaab district of east Baghdad
  200. Not a damned thing!!
  201. Computer Fix for adults!! LOL!
  202. hope this doesn't offend anyone - if it does, tough shit
  203. Now this is priceless!
  204. Splinters in her Crotch?
  205. If the birth of Jesus was covered by today's tabloids: ILLEGAL ALIEN HAS ILLEGITIMA
  206. X-Mas Jib Jab - Humor: The RV Disco Boys
  207. why you dont use a powerstroke to pull you out!!!
  208. Blonde in the snow
  209. Funny Joke
  210. Not sure of what to think about this article, but title caught my eye.
  211. A man who knows his math!!
  212. Fluctuations
  213. Flying with attitude
  214. How smart is your right foot
  215. This is just too funny!!LOL!
  216. The Dot, boy am I happy this is explained
  217. This is how to play poker!!!
  218. The Receptionist! LOL!
  219. How many blow holes?
  220. DEA checks texas rancher
  221. Everyone should watch this im serious
  222. Interesting Find...
  223. Just a little Kiss!
  224. SCAM Warning!!!
  225. Obama joke of the Year! LMAO!
  226. Nurses aren't suppose to laugh. LOL!
  227. You do look familiar LOL!
  228. The Mexican Maid LOL!
  229. Lecture
  230. Jeff Foxworthy is not Muslim
  231. Ornamental fish and bear witness to the crime of being killed!
  232. Ralph And Edna
  233. Billboard for dinar gurus
  234. Awkward Senior Moment
  235. The Potty lol
  236. She Loved Baked Beans
  237. America vs. Russia
  238. OMG Too Funny but true.... Pee Power Offers Green Energy Alternative
  239. Defense radar coversation...
  240. Things People Pass Around...
  241. Walmart sale LOL!
  242. "Tonight the Gurus Let Me Down"
  243. Retired People
  244. Employee Notice
  245. Grandma's don't know everything LOL!
  246. The Sheer Nightgown!
  247. You Don't know Sh*T
  248. A Good Poker Player!! LOL!
  249. Golf warning LOL!
  250. The Zen LOL!