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  1. Market Watch for 10/28/2010
  2. Dollar Slumps Against Yen, Euro on Speculation Federal Reserve Will Ease
  3. EU leaders define eurozone crisis rules 10/29/2010
  4. Much Ado About Debt ........Opinion
  5. Daily Forex News 10/29/2010
  6. What You Need to Know about Offshore Reporting Requirements 2011
  7. Why is the Japanese Yen Still Rising? 10/30/2010 Market Watch
  8. Currency Wars (Opinion)
  9. The Currency War Between China and U.S.
  10. Yuan Deposits Rise as Hong Kong Currency Peg Debate Heats Up: China Credit
  11. China Deversifies Forex Reserves 11/1/2010
  12. Forex - Big Week for the USD
  13. Market Brief for 11/02/2010
  14. Forex News and Events Today 11/02/2010
  15. Conscious / the most important economic news and the Arab world / economic report
  16. US Federal Reserve set for more quantitative easing
  17. Forex Waiting on the FOMC
  18. Currency Wars: Will Everyone Please Stop Whining!
  19. Thirty-Three Hour Race May Induce ECB Surrender
  20. Market Watch for 11/4/2010
  21. Fed Surprises Market with Scope of QE2 11/5/2010
  22. Forex - All Eyes on NFP and Then Greek Elections
  23. Asian Currencies Gain as Fed's Stimulus Proposals Spur Inflows Into Region
  24. Saudi Arabian Shares Climb Most in Seven Weeks on Fed Stimulus Plan, Oil
  25. APEC Finance Ministers Pledge to Avoid Competitive Weakening of Currencies
  26. Dollarization Explained
  27. Currency Wars Will End in Tears
  28. Forex - The Dollar Strikes Back
  29. Market Brief for 11/08/2010
  30. CNN: Wold Bank calls to examine possibility of returning to the adoption of gold stan
  31. China raises expectations of more rate rises
  32. Gold hits record high on euro zone debt fears
  33. What Does the USA Dollar Devaluation Mean to You? Nov 11
  34. G20 Leaders Confront Currency Trade Disputes November 10th, 2010
  35. Sarkozy Takes Over G-20 Aiming to `Update' Monetary System
  36. G-20 refuses to back US push on China's currency
  37. China, G20 Communiqué & Sovereign Bond Yields, Makes for a Choppy Friday
  38. Fed unlikely to trim bond buying program
  39. German tempers fray as U.S. policy gulf widens
  40. Fed Buys $7.229 Billion of Treasuries as Easing Resumes
  41. Banks Get One-Year Reprieve as G-20 Told to Wait for Measures
  42. G-20 Backs Gradual Currency Moves, Trade Monitoring
  43. Oil Falls the Most in Three Weeks on Speculation China May Increase Rates
  44. Paper Currencies of the World Going Through Devaluation (Opinion) Part 1
  45. Paper Currencies of the World Going Through Devaluation (Opinion) Part 2
  46. Forex - Irish Debt Problems Take Center Stage
  47. Euro Dominos Will Fall Until Currency Is Split
  48. Ireland Discusses Bailout as EU Struggles With Debt Crisis
  49. Retirement and the deficit
  50. Has The Euro Turned?
  51. Chinese Yuan Will Not Be Reserve Currency
  52. Ireland says EU, IMF agree to fund emergency aid
  53. Euro, Stocks, Commodities Fall on European Debt Concern
  54. Warren Buffett Tells ABC Rich People Should Pay Higher Taxes
  55. Dollar Bears Pare Bets as QE2 Attacks Prove Unfounded
  56. U.S. Dollar, Swiss Franc Strengthen After South, North Korea Exchange Fire
  57. The Beginning Of The Ponzi End: As Of Today, The Biggest Holder Of US Debt Is Ben Ber
  58. Stocks, euro slump on European debt woes
  59. Gold Drops, Trimming Weekly Climb, as Strengthening Dollar Erodes Demand
  60. Trade Defensively and Use a Stop!
  61. USD ARE Further Gains Instore?
  62. Euro: How the Problems In Ireland Could Escalate
  63. Gold hits 2-1/2 week high on euro zone jitters
  64. The euro zone's debt crisis deepened on Tuesday, with investors pushing the risk prem
  65. Key political risks to watch in China
  66. Emerging-Market Debt Set for Worst Month Since 2008 on Europe, Korea Risks
  67. War = Good News for South Korea?
  68. The Billionaire's Loophole:
  69. Several Dinar rates
  70. Coming soon: the loud thud of a gold bust
  71. Federal Reserve May Be `Central Bank of the World' After UBS, Barclays Aid
  72. Euro zone pulls ahead, China shifts stance
  73. Europe Tumbled to 1.30 AS Focus Turns to ECB
  74. Australian, New Zealand Dollars Fall Before Central Bank Policy Meetings
  75. Euro May Fall Toward $1.2585, Societe Generale Says: Technical Analysis
  76. Germany Snubs Pleas to Boost Aid, Sell Joint Bonds
  77. China Purchases $3.1 Billion of Japanese Bonds as Yen Beats Dollar, Euro
  78. Hackers attack MasterCard site to 'revenge' WikiLeaks payment denial
  79. Risk Aversion (Still) Positive for USD
  80. More billionaires pledge to give away wealth
  81. Three Simple Strategies To Escape U.S. Taxes
  82. International News: Study Suggests Americans Are Falling Deeper In Debt
  83. Moody's warning on Spain hits euro, Fed weighs
  84. Gold slides below $1,390 as dollar firms
  85. Oil slips below $88 as Fed tempers growth hopes
  86. New international commitments after the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII
  87. What Do They Mean by Overbought and Oversold?
  88. Stocks' 17% Gain Since Bernanke Disclosed QE2 Disarms Critics
  89. nsider-Trading Arrests Point Prosecutors to Hedge Funds
  90. Oil Heads Toward $100: Good For Investors, Not Consumers
  91. Gold Advances in London as ETP Holdings Rise to Record, Dollar Declines
  92. China's Yuan Forwards Signal Drop Before Hu Meets Obama
  93. Is there a buy-and-hold strategy in forex?
  94. Jordan bank site showing movement on converter
  95. From China, Signs That Gold's Rally Isn't Endless
  96. OPEC Under Pressure as African, Asian Oil Tops $100
  97. Obama Taps GE's Immelt to Head Economic Advisor Panel
  98. Euro's Slide Meets Resistance as Analysts Draw Line at $1.30
  99. Iraq Agrees to Pay Companies Pumping Kurdish Oil, Exports to Resume Feb. 1
  100. Bank Valuations Stuck at 2009 Lows Showing No Crisis Recovery
  101. Global Price Fears Mount
  102. Most Dangerous Currency Shock Yet!
  103. British Pound Faces Contradictory 2011
  104. .U.S. Jobless Claims Rose More than Forecast Last Week
  105. Egypt Riskier Than Iraq in Swaps as Tunisia-Sparked Unrest Targets Mubarak
  106. Euro Trades Near Two-Month High on Prospect German Inflation Will Quicken
  107. Japan's Debt Rating Lowered to AA- by Standard & Poor's; Outlook Is Stable
  108. China Will Face Crisis Within 5 Years, 45% of Investors in Global Poll Say
  109. Treasury takes debt limit action
  110. Law Makers Plan to Reintroduce China Currency Bill
  111. Emerging market companies buy up the world
  112. Greek PM rules out default, debt restructuring
  113. Eurozone woes dominate economy talks at Davos
  114. IMF's Lipsky Says `Never Say Never' on Another Euro-Area Bailout
  115. German Temper Tantrums Reduce Risk of Euro Breakup: Davos Diary
  116. Oil Jumps, Stocks Retreat Amid Protests in Egypt
  117. Conservative Austerity Idea Is Failing: David Blanchflower
  118. China Can Just Say ‘No’ to One American Export: Interesting Read!
  119. Gulf markets tumble on Egypt turmoil
  120. Gold rally biggest in 8 weeks as Egypt army rolls
  121. Dollar, franc may hold gains if Egypt worries persist
  122. Oil hits US$101 a barrel as Egypt protests mount
  123. Despite Recent Rise, Euro Still Looks Weak
  124. Franco-German Divide on Debt Crisis May Mark Europe Summit
  125. Food costs at records as U.N. warns of volatile era
  126. Treasuries Fall, Dollar Gains, Stocks Fluctuate After Jobs Data
  127. Oil falls as report stokes Mubarak talk
  128. Analysis: OPEC, oil majors still cautious on investment
  129. Gold hits two-week high after U.S. payrolls data
  130. Euro crisis 'about to be resolved': Soros
  131. Food prices triggering global unrest: UN
  132. Government adviser calls private banks to merge
  133. Should Investors Be More Worried About Egypt?
  134. Secret China war plan: trillions in U.S. debt
  135. Forex folly: Why you shouldn’t be trading currencies
  136. China raises rates with inflation on the rise
  137. Won likely to strengthen to U.S. dollar
  138. Forex reserves drop to 'more than US$10 billion' in 2010-report
  139. U.S. Sees Saudi Oil Reserves As Overstated: Report
  140. The USA needs URZ Ahead of the Herd!
  141. Chinese puzzle a good read!
  142. The Market, Gold, and what's in store.. another good read!
  143. Oil Rises From Lowest in Eight Days Before U.S. Supply Report
  144. Dollar gains on rivals in Asian tradingView all Currencies ›
  145. IMF revises up 2011 global growth forecast to 4.4% vs October projection of 4.2%
  146. Republicans confirm the dollar is toast in the long-term
  147. Oil rises above u.s $101.00
  148. Treasury Report Outlines Path for Winding Down Fannie, Freddie
  149. Non-mideast oil, No link, Don't shoot the messenger
  150. 3 'Red Hot' Currency Trades Ready To Surge
  151. How to Invest in Currency ETFs
  152. Vietnam's Record Devaluation Adds Urgency for Action on Prices, IMF Says
  153. China trade surplus shrinks, supports government's G20 case
  154. Sen. Schumer creates waves over DB-NYSE merger plan
  155. Long before German deal, NYSE was mostly symbolic
  156. Keep an Eye on Chinese Inflation
  157. Hedging High Forex Uncertainty
  158. Special report: China flexed its muscles using U.S. Treasuries
  159. Imbalances a hot topic for G20 ministers
  160. Can’t Pay Your Taxes? How To Set up an Installment Agreement
  161. Egypt "Victory March" tests military rulers
  162. Germany hopes for G20 deal despite Chinese opposition
  163. Gold notches best weekly gain since December
  164. Oil SURGES TOWARDS $ 120.00
  165. Banks warn of oil shortage, growth impact
  166. Competition Heats Up in Retail FX
  167. FOREX.com to Sponsor New CNBC Program: “Money in Motion Currency Trading”
  168. Gold rises towards $1,420 ahead of U.S. payrolls
  169. Excessive movements in FX rates have adverse implications
  170. Oil Prices and the FX Conundrum
  171. China's yuan rises to record high of 6.5671 per US dollar
  172. 'Emerging powers' need more say in UN: China
  173. Why the Dollar's Reign Is Near an End
  174. Gold holds near $1,430, supported by Libya unrest
  175. The Rise of Dollar Risk
  176. Brace for $200 oil if unrest hits Saudi Arabia
  177. Dow slides below 12,000 after Saudi report
  178. Stocks sink on China, Saudi unrest; euro weakens
  179. Oil pares losses as Saudi protest heightens worries
  180. Over 8,000 union protesters converge on Indiana
  181. Stocks Slide as Dollar, Treasuries Gain on Economic Concerns
  182. Crude Oil Falls a Fourth Day After Earthquake in Japan Shuts Refineries
  183. Dow's Plunge Below 12,000 May be Start of 'Something Severe'
  184. A Crisis Nobody Saw Coming?
  185. Yen up and set to rise further after Japanese quake
  186. Is it time to buy Yen?
  187. Japan Faces `Another Leg Down' in Fiscal Health as Earthquake Toll Mounts
  188. Euro-zone leaders consolidating the financial safety net
  189. Japanese leaders try to calm panicky markets over nuclear crisis
  190. USD/JPY Technical Analysis 15 March 2011
  191. Gold prices drop $27/oz
  192. Oil prices may soar to $150-200 per bbl on Mideast unrest, Japan quake - Kudrin
  193. Gold rises as markets stabilize but focus on Japan
  194. Brent rebounds on Middle East crisis, Japan eyed
  195. Yen hits record high versus dollar
  196. Japan blames yen spike on speculators
  197. Oil up $2 to over $112 on Middle East unrest
  198. Forex - Dollar broadly lower vs. rivals as Japan reactor eyed
  199. Oil Advances as Unrest in Libya Escalates; UBS Raises Brent Price Forecast
  200. Wild Ride For The Yen
  201. Asian Currencies Rise as G-7 Intervention Eases Flight to Yen After Quake
  202. Clout of G-7 Validated as Yen Selloff Bolsters Its Relevance Against G-20
  203. The Biggest Bond Fund In The World Has Dumped All Of Their U.S. Treasury Bonds
  204. 10 Economic Disasters Which Threaten To Rip World Financial Markets To Shreds
  205. Japan market recovery helps world stocks bounce back
  206. Portugal braces for govt collapse amid debt crisis
  207. Currency Manipulation” Will Continue, Despite G20
  208. Fed, in historic shift, to brief media on policy
  209. Large Currency Revaluations and Appreciations ~ Do They Reduce Imbalances and Output
  210. Brent bounces, U.S. pares loss on dollar slip
  211. Why the dollar is here to stay
  212. G20 lays bare different reform agendas at China forum
  213. Central Banks Broadening Range Of Foreign Reserves
  214. Geithner Sees ‘Severe Hardships’ If Debt Limit Isn’t Raised
  215. Bernanke Says Fed Must Monitor Inflation ‘Extremely Closely’
  216. UPDATE 2-Oil could hit $200-$300 on Saudi unrest-Yamani
  217. Gold hits record as Wall St higher on M&A
  218. Middle East: High risks but different reasons
  219. Gulf economies better off with dollar-pegged currencies published 2/7/2011
  220. OPEC basket price rises to 115.07 dollars a barrel
  221. Is America the next Portugal?
  222. “The New Zealand Kiwi is the Most Undervalued Currency”
  223. Best Currency Forecasters See Dollar Weakness as QE2 End Looms
  224. Gold Drops on Selling After Rally to Record; Silver Reaches 31-Year High
  225. China Inflation Is `Somewhat Out of Control’ on Weak Currency, Soros Says
  226. What’s Next for the Yen?
  227. China FX reserves soar past $3 trillion, add to inflation
  228. G7 to discuss global hot spots; G20 eyes imbalances
  229. Singapore Leads Gains in Asian Currencies After Revaluation
  230. Moody's cuts Ireland by two notches, euro falls
  231. Gold powers above $1,500 as inflation worries mount
  232. Reboot the Monetary System! Plus, Q&A …
  233. Imf predicts end of age for america
  234. FDIC unveils retail foreign exchange rule
  235. World Corruption Special Report
  236. Dollar Drop? You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet if Yuan Jumps
  237. Imf chief resigns..strauss-khan resigns
  238. The Euro (Still) has a Greek Problem
  239. 1 in 3 GCC firms affected by fraud: Survey
  240. Rising dollar threatens stocks' gains
  241. Debt crisis hammers world stocks, euro falls
  242. Greece helps gold rally to near two-week high
  243. 50 Things Every American Should Know About The Collapse Of The Economy
  244. Secession: An Answer to the Sovereign Debt Crisis
  245. Inflation 2011: Honey – They Shrunk Our Paychecks
  246. When Faith In U.S. Dollars And U.S. Debt Is Dead The Game Is Over
  247. Europe struggles towards new Greek rescue deal
  248. Treasury: Debt Default Would Be 'Catastrophic'
  249. Gold edges up after gloomy U.S. data surprise
  250. The US has no gold?