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  1. U.S. Treasury Geithner: SDR's Cannot Fill Dollars Unique Roll
  2. Kuwait rejects cancel internationalization issues outstanding with Iraq
  3. Iraq Seeks to Pay $21B of Remaining Amount Compensation to Kuwait; End Iraqi/Kuwait F
  4. When Will Iraq Revalue Their Dinar?
  5. VIDEO: Iraq - A Nation of Tears
  6. Irarq: Importance of capital market development fund balance
  7. Lift three zeros from the currency of the source exceeds 26 Trillion
  8. Iraq: Al-Maliki's Party calls for his removal
  9. CBI in process of dropping zeros from IQD
  10. Video: CBIs Shabibi speaks at US-Iraq Business Institute; Speaks on Rednomination, T
  11. YES!! value of all Iraqi dinars to equal one dollar!!!!!!
  12. Programmer Testifies About Rigging Elections With Vote Counting Machines!!!!!!
  13. True wealth of iraqi people cnn ireport
  14. From MSN news on Iraq