View Full Version : Biden to Talabani: us wants to lift all UN resolution on Iraq

01-13-2011, 11:42 PM
Biden to Talabani: us wants to lift all UN resolution on Iraq
by mano:
Date: Thu 13-01-2011 10: 01 pm

Baghdad (News) ...Search President Jalal Talabani in Baghdad on Thursday, with u.s. Vice President Joseph Biden and his entourage, bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States, where President Talabani stressed the need to consolidate and strengthen the common interests of the two friendly countries.
He President highlights the phases of the political process and the resulting from the agreements between parliamentary blocs led to a genuine national partnership puts mind citizen service and install security, political and economic stability in the country.
President Talabani stated that a future Iraq on a new stage during which aims to deepen its relations with the rest of the world and at different levels.
In another part of the meeting the President explained the nature of the security situation and developments which tend towards stability, and security forces and Iraqi military forces completed their readiness, hoping that this army army defending home professionals, coaches and equipped, emphasizing that Iraq would be an example of liberty and co-existence and a guarantor of stability in the region.
He thanked us Government on us effort to eject Iraq from under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, adding that Iraq has enormous economic potential to ensure the economic well-being of himself and the region.
The President spoke about the situation of Christians in Iraq, saying the Government's interest in this matter, noting that Christians don't want to leave Iraq as they alaslaa people in the country civilization Builders and contribute in building the new Iraq.
New Biden his congratulations and commendation of President Barack Obama to President Talabani on his re-election as President of the Republic and Government formation, adding that political dialogue found their way into the Iraqi political process, and the time the rivalry, violence, emphasizing careful United States to support the new democratic Iraq and his career, saying, "we wish to deal with a new Iraq and build long-term relationships with the areas of education, culture, health, Commerce and rest area
The Vice President to the u.s. Government's desire to expand cooperation and coordination with the new Iraqi Government and at all levels, especially since the next stage would require government efforts that make Iraq takes his place in the regional and global level, explaining that "Iraq has a long history, and I have no doubt that Iraqis construct a free, independent and strong helps to promote security and stability in the region."
As Park Biden for President Talabani on Security Council resolutions have helped lift the sanctions on Iraq, noting that the United States wants to remove any UN resolution on Iraq and afford Division because obsolete dictatorship era errors.
Then spoke of his Excellency Dr. Adel Abdel Mahdi said Iraq has strong relations with the United States, noting that there is a joint effort to develop these relationships and strengthen the American role in the development of the Iraqi economy.
He also spoke of his Excellency Mr. Tareq al-Hashemi on the current political situation and blocs and parties working as a team and managed to cross the crisis and continue to make every effort to preserve and strengthen Government, adding "we are in solidarity with one another and build process for a stable and prosperous Iraq./finished/(n. y)".