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Thread: We were not informed of any decision bars the import car

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    We were not informed of any decision bars the import car

    I posted this because some thought chapt 7 issues were resolved last week with all the new merchandise coming into ports....

    Director of Customs: We were not informed of any decision bars the import car

    22/3/2010 22/3/2010

    قال مدير عام الهيئة العامة للجمارك ان مديريته لم تبلغ بأي قرار يحظر على المواطنين استيراد السيارات. Director General of the General Administration of Customs placed under his authority did not inform any decision bars the importation of cars.
    وقال نوفل سليم للقسم الصحفي في المركز الوطني للاعلام ان المنافذ الحدودية مستمرة بادخال السيارات وفق القوانين و القرارات المرعية. The sound Novell Press Section at the National Center for media outlets that the border continues to import according to the laws and resolutions in force.
    وكان مجلس الوزراء قرر منع استيراد السيارات، وحصرها في الشركة العامة لتجارة السيارات التابعة لوزارة التجارة. The Cabinet decided to ban import of cars, and limited to the General Company for Auto Trade of the Ministry of Commerce.
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    Thank you for the post.

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