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Thread: Iraqi delegation headed by FM, Hoshyar Zebari, Meeting 2 Days before Arab Summit

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    Iraqi delegation headed by FM, Hoshyar Zebari, Meeting 2 Days before Arab Summit

    Iraqi delegation headed by FM, Hoshyar Zebari, Meeting 2 Days before Arab Summit

    March 20, 2010

    The Sirte Declaration: A Tribute to the Success of the Elections and to Invite neighbors for non-interference in the Iraqi issue

    Published the outline of the summit of the 22 Arab

    القاهرة - اسراء خليفة Cairo - Isra Khalifa

    At the forefront of the debt write files on the Arab country and to support reconstruction and investment projects, energy and security file, talks of the Iraqi delegation at the Arab summit of 22, which will be held in Sirte, Libya, between 27 -28 this month (Arab League Summit ~ March 27-28-2010 ~ Libya ), the decision to include the item on Iraq in the Sirte Declaration, welcomed the success of elections and to emphasize the continuing Arab support with a call to neighboring countries not to intervene in the Iraqi issue.

    Although the issues of Palestine, Sudan and Yemen will be at the heart of the summit, which will be out by a large number of Arab leaders, but to support Iraq and its support will be also the most prominent Masenaakec on the sidelines of meetings between Arab officials, by establishing the League of Arab States items on the agenda for the summit.

    It is scheduled to hold the Iraqi delegation headed by Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari talks during the meetings of foreign ministers and on the fringes, two days ahead of the summit.

    In the meantime, I got morning on the items containing the paragraph on Iraq in the Sirte Declaration, which was included on the agenda of the Arab Ministers before being submitted to the leaders and representatives of States.

    Items included emphasis on respect for the unity and sovereignty of Iraq and the Arab and Islamic identity and strengthening the democratic political process and national reconciliation to address the security and political challenges, and the emphasis on respecting the will of all components of the Iraqi people determine their political future.

    As the importance for Iraq's neighboring countries to help them play an active role in promoting security and stability, and emphasize the importance of signing the Convention on the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq by end 2011 and the Strategic Framework Agreement between Iraq and the United States.

    Arab summit will be built as well as the progress being made in the political process in Iraq and the role of government in establishing the principle of democracy and follow-up initiative of the International Covenant, which was launched at the international conference hosted by Egypt in 2007, International Compact with Iraq launched July 2006 - Annual Reviews 2007-2010 ... in addition to welcoming the UN Security Council resolution 1770 of 2007 on the expansion of UN role in Iraq in the area of support and backing, as well as on the commitment to the resolutions of the Riyadh Summit 2007 and the Damascus Summit 2008 and the Doha summit in 2009 in place and the immediate response to Iraq's request to reopen the Arab diplomatic missions in Iraq.

    And condemn the Sirte Declaration, the terrorist operations that targeted the Iraqi people and its institutions, and regarded as a threat to international peace and security, affirms support for government efforts to rebuild the institutions on the basis of national and professional attitude and praise the United Arab Emirates by canceling the debt of Iraq and play an active role to help Iraq in advancing the process of economic development, and an emphasis on efforts by the Arab League and its mission in Iraq and support the legal position of Iraq on historic rights and acquired in the water and respect the international borders of Iraq with neighboring countries and the inviolability of national sovereignty.

    According to these items will be referred to the participation of the Arab League to observe elections in 11 provinces as well as 10 Arab and foreign countries, while commending the success of the voting process.


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    Thanks W! Appriciate it much!

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    I am glad to see that Iraq is going to be a "headliner" at this summit. It is another sign that they are really getting their stuff together, to show the world that they are prepared to become a major player in the Arab world!

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    Thanks for the post.

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