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Thread: Iraq's oil exports rose 7.4 percent in February

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    Iraq's oil exports rose 7.4 percent in February

    I like this kind of news. The better the profits are, and the better the production is, the faster the RV will be!

    Baghdad, March 23, 2010, SPA -- Iraq's Oil Ministry says oil exports rose 7.4 percent in February from the month before to 2.068 million barrels a day.

    Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad says, however, that February revenues dipped to $4.229 billion with an average price of $73.04 a barrel.

    January's exports averaged 1.926 million barrels a day and grossed $4.416 billion.

    The increase in the average daily export figure reflected the fact that February was two days shorter than January.

    Jihad told The Associated Press Tuesday that 45.2 million barrels were exported through the Gulf, while 12.7 million barrels were exported via Turkey's port of Ceyhan.

    Oil sales account for about 95 percent of Iraq's revenues and are a vital part of its reconstruction efforts.

    Saudi Press Agency 2010

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    Thanks for the post.

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