Iraqi Unity Coalition calls IHEC to delay announcing results

Friday, March 26, 2010 11:05 GMT

Some political parties are not only asking to manually recount the results of the Iraqi elections, as some of them are calling IHEC to delay the announcement of the results. Iraqi Unity Coalition called IHEC in the last Press Conference it held to delay announcing the results raising doubts regarding the truthfulness of the results of its list.
None of the political parties participating in the elections commented on Iraqi Unity Coalition statement as the activities thereof are concentrated on building alliance in order to form the upcoming government.
Yet IHEC which has the final say in this regard is about to announce the results while the majority of the observers said that it took much more time than the preset period. Thus, the issue of delaying the announcement of the results is doomed since it would create a confusing political environment and it could drag the IHEC to a faulty stand.