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Thread: The N.W.O. Cabal is collapsing; the signs are everywhere

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    The N.W.O. Cabal is collapsing; the signs are everywhere

    The N.W.O. Cabal is collapsing; the signs are everywhere

    The following group contacted the Black Dragon Society promising the Federal Reserve Board and the Washington D.C. crime syndicates will soon lose power.

    Several people, including a direct envoy from the Chinese Politburo and a member of the British Royal family have told me a similar tale of imminent change. The gist of all their stories is that soon vast amounts of new government-controlled funding will become available and that the Federal Reserve Board and the Internal Revenue Service will be dismantled.

    We have been disappointed before but there is enough information now available, even on the corporate propaganda media outlets, to make it clear we are reaching the end game.

    Among the bits of evidence we find Japan, China and Russia not only not buying new Treasury bills but actively reducing their holdings. We also find the world’s central banks are no longer buying T-bills either.

    Then we have China announcing they will have a trade deficit in March. That sounds like bad news for China but in fact is due to their increasing their imports of commodities from around the world by 80% year on year. This is part of their strategy to take down fiat dollars by refusing to buy anything but real stuff with their own hard-earned dollars.

    Anybody with basic math skills can figure out, after looking at this chart from the St. Louis Federal Reserve Board:[1][id]=AMBNS

    that the only reason the US has not experienced hyper-inflation is because all those trillions of dollars the Feds have created since September 2008 are not being honored as valid currency by the rest of the world and even most of the US banking system.

    On top of this you have over a dozen US states (and soon a lot more) suing the Federal Government claiming the Obama health-care law is un-constitutional. Most states have also now passed laws denouncing many D.C. power grabs as un-constitutional.

    The British have also thrown down the gauntlet at D.C. by demanding that Bush era Vice-President Cheney, Secretary of State Rice and “Defense” Minister Rumsfeld all testify in front of a Parliamentary enquiry into the legality of the Iraq war.

    Even the most brainwashed people out there will also notice the Euro and the European Union are falling apart. Basically, the hard working and frugal Germans and Nordic peoples are refusing to subsidize the Mediterranean countries. The “Greek” crisis is really the death knell for the Soviet style EU because the Mediterranean countries have no viable alternative to issuing their own currency. The Euro is going to end up as a German/Nordic successor to the Deutschemark.

    Of course, it is not over until the fat lady sings and until we see the propaganda media organs shut down and the Washington D.C. criminals put in their place, we need to keep our powder dry and stay fully alert for any tricks or terror they may try to pull off.

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