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Thread: A determined effort to rid Iraq of Chapter VII

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    A determined effort to rid Iraq of Chapter VII

    A determined effort to rid Iraq of Chapter VII sanctions
    22.02.2010 22/02/2010
    Khaled Waleed

    Said an adviser to Prime Minister of Legal Affairs Fadhel Mohammed Jawad in a statement to Radio Free Iraq that the closing statement to the UN Security Council will confirm Iraq's fulfillment of its obligations concerning weapons of mass destruction, and urges the International Atomic Energy Agency to lift its report on Iraq to the Security Council to issue a decision in turn eliminates all restrictions imposed on Iraq and weapons of mass destruction.

    "Jawad said that" the end of this month or early next month will issue a statement calling on the Security Council to help Iraq and support that Iraq has met its obligations towards weapons of mass destruction. "

    He said Jawad, said "the only issue outstanding which stands for the exit from Iraq under Chapter VII is the issue of outstanding issues with Kuwait, including prisoners and missing persons and archives, debt and compensation remains of the nearly $ 24 billion, after paying Iraq $ 27 billion, and remains a constant payment , as deducted 5% of its oil exports "

    And the horse that "the issue of outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait is not legal but political, to the fact that Iraq has not fulfilled its obligations has left for archive or missing Kuwaiti Kuwaiti or hiding weapons of mass destruction," adding that "Kuwait argue these things and hope one day to issue a UN Security Council resolution to lift Iraq from under Chapter VII. "

    To that, a student member of the Parliamentary Legal Muhsin al-Sadoun Kuwait to support Iraq and to support the change in the political system, through its assistance in lifting the restrictions imposed on it under Chapter VII.

    He added that al-Sadoun, "Kuwait to help Iraq and let's archives of the claims or compensation because the government changed and the political system has changed and if anything was in Iraq for Kuwait Strdjah the Iraqi government without the claims, the Rajya Kuwait to accept the settlement resolved the outstanding issues between the two countries."

    He called political analyst Asad Abadi, the Iraqi government to make special efforts in the framework of diplomatic relations with Kuwait to resolve all outstanding issues between the two countries.

    Ebadi said that "the thorny issue in Iraq would emerge from under Chapter VII is the outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait, and these files need to seek a diplomatic Iraqi government."

    Pending the next meeting of the UN Security Council after nearly six months reflect the political and popular circles to change attitudes and melt contributes to achieving a diplomatic line elaboration UN resolution lifting sanctions imposed on Iraq.

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    Re: A determined effort to rid Iraq of Chapter VII

    Thanks for the post.

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