Conscious / MP Jamal Melon: Improved the Situation of the Future Depends on the Integrity of the Upcoming Elections
February 23, 2010 · Posted in NEWS
Conscious / Baghdad / and. X
23/2/2010 9:14 pm

A member of the Iraqi parliament, Gamal Abdel Mahdi melon that improved security and services and standard of living of the Iraqi individual in the coming period based primarily on the results and fair elections.

The melon in a telephone conversation with (the Iraqi Media News Agency / conscious), where the elections were fair and the results are based on facts and more efficient selection of the items have changed the political map of Iraq and the advent of the Government and the Iraqi parliament, the level required by the national situation in Iraq as well as the infrastructure that make up the Iraqi political scene After the arrival of people and national and incompetent management of the country can realistically and properly.

He added that “the Parliament and the outgoing government made the simple citizen able to assess the performance of officials and the level of their dedication, so we see that the citizen when he goes to the center of the election and cast his ballot will be the assessment of present and influential in the obsession of the citizen. If the results are moving towards true we will have Parliament strong, it generated a strong government and a strong prime minister and this situation will be reflected positively on the security situation and economic, political and level of services.

He pointed out that all these things depend on the outcome of those elections, and certainly at the coming of people and new characters will be no change in the political landscape in Iraq, and we hope that the titles and the names of those characteristics and personalities of national and religious authority Nzihplasima and stressed the importance of the election of national and efficient and honest to the people if met those elements in the winners there will be a parliament and government successful. ...