Representative of the State of Law in Lebanon: Polls Indicate al-Maliki to WIN in the Elections
February 21, 2010 · Posted in NEWS
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World – Ahmed Zaki: Iraqi politician said his country needed a strong government headed by a man strong and brave can take difficult decisions in the critical time, and considered that it was not possible to return Prime Minister to the parliament and all political blocs in the small and large, expected to result in a strong parliament the next election Unable to carry out its duties in the best manner.

The representative of the coalition, the Iraqi rule of law in Lebanon Ahmed Zaki in a statement to Al-Alam TV news in the “Iraqi Elections” Friday: “The upcoming elections in Iraq, seeking to establish a parliament building and the establishment of the State and to correct wrong paths during the last period,” he attention of the whole world awaited parliament next.of Iraq on an equal footing, from the Sunni and Shia and Christians and so on.

Ahmad Zaki said: “The religious authority in Iraq of Ayatollah Sistani had a role mainly in the first elections of the Constituent Assembly, and stand in the face of the occupation,” saying that the soul of the parental reference stands today with all the sons

The op-Sistani, to receive all political figures in Iraq and listening to their views and interest in it, saying it stands today with those who wanted to build the country in all sincerity and honesty, and defended the country from the lawless gangs and terrorists, and was able to impose security and stability in the country.

He said fine that reference did not show a desire to consolidate the lists and determine the form and method of its formation, noting that there are differences about the powers of the prime minister between those who want to be a prime organ of the Parliament and the decisions of the political blocs, and believe in the independence of the decision need to work in the future.

He was upset reference to the concern of some MPs in the enactment of laws for the interests and personal goals, and discarded the laws of national importance such as oil and gas laws, parties, elections and laws that concern citizens and livelihood, saying she has criticized it on more than one occasion.stressed that the fine is not the end in view of the two blocs to rebuild Iraq, and attention to the suffering of citizens and the reunification of the country, expected to result in the next election a strong parliament is able to carry out its duties in the best manner.way of government, by other political blocs, accusing it of implementing foreign agendas.

He stressed the need for Iraq to fine a strong government headed by a man strong and brave can take difficult decisions in the critical time, saying it is not possible for the Prime Minister was due to blocks in the parliament and all the small and large.

He considered that the performance of the United Iraqi Alliance, was unfortunate in the current parliament, Nuri al-Maliki and wanted to correct the basis on which it was based on the formation of this cluster, but was unable to convince the rest of the components of this coalition, which led to the formation of coalitions (a coalition of law and the Iraqi National Coalition) in the elections future.


He called for an end to the differences between the political blocs in Iraq in order to block any outside interference, and predicting a victory for Maliki’s bloc (a coalition of law) in the poll, the results of opinion polls among the Iraqi street.

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