currency, delete three zeros,
Since the first expert revealed in the Central Bank of Iraq Dr. Mazhar Mohammed Saleh to new Iraqi currency will be the number of changes including raising three zeroes them to chrikha and increase their purchasing power, and the second is that it will display new solution adds Kurdish language of Arabic and English that were printed. The appearance of the Iraqi currency switch project is among the most important strategic projects the Bank but not the short term but the medium and long alavkin, change the currency not easy it must be preceded by a lot of preparations such as access to switch resolution. especially since inflation and suffered mass State is moving towards stability and thus inflation prospects borne by this inflation policies reform Reform of the monetary system and currency, inflation is inflated by 50 percent and a big cash and PPC limited here creating equations rather than a large amount of money for a small amount of goods we try to reverse the equation a small amount of cash for great purchasing power.
The money supply currently exceeds Iraq 29 trillion dinars and called transactional papers cannot remain baltrlionat but trshikha via delete zeros and cut to a third waltrshik here is important to pull inflation and withdrawal of currency, it does not affect salaries and purchasing power parities or any mm just trying to lighten the load pull this avalanche of sheets , And a stable economic system must resort to this important policy and its prosperous and optimistic for a prosperous future for Iraq, unfortunately there is no attempt to return it back but nonetheless kissed Iraq for a prosperous future and the need for rapid and important reforms and monetary policy makers involved in any order it deems appropriate for the Iraqi economy, and we found that the cost of counting and sorting staff and currently with his tiring agile Not so trivial.
And on new currency variables between they appear to resolve new lifting three zeros from the dinar and returned to the same value in the 1980s and also will enter the Kurdish language in addition to Arabic and English and this seat under the Constitution, Kurdish official and his Constitution and used in all official correspondence, and would be very solid printing process and upscale specifications are very special to counterfeiting, diversion and counterfeiting.

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