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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Iraq ~

We know, as fact, that Iraq is a very wealthy nation, unlike N. Korea and other poor countries who choose to lop their currencies. Iraq’s prosperity will increase with reconstruction. Oil revenues will continue to increase and jobs will continue to increase along with manufacturing, agriculture, etc… Iraq’s economy is poised for resurgence.

Iraq is changing and the demand for all types of goods and services is growing fast. The focus is on reconstruction as the government rebuilds essential infrastructure, from power and water utilities and transport infrastructure to residential housing. At the same time, the government is investing in the essential economic infrastructure; including oil fields and the mid- and downstream pipelines, petrochemical, and fuel distribution sectors. Also, other areas in telecommunication, electricity, health, housing and construction, industry and manufacturing, banking and finance will continue to grow.

As far as Iraq’s monetary system and it’s currency is concerned, we can look forward to Iraq having one of the strongest currencies in the world. With or without Iraq joining the GCC, Iraq will have a very strong dinar. Also, when and if Iraq joins the GCC, we will see a monetary bloc worth Trillions.

In the near future we can look forward to the GCC being included in a basket of currencies which will possibly include an Asian currency along with the Dollar and Euro.

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Gulf Unified Currency will be one of Top Five … Sept. 2008 ~

As far as Lopping the Iraqi Dinar, that has not been the plan. Gradual elimination of the larger notes has been the plan. Unlike Korea (communist country) Iraq has promised to its people a return to currency with the purchasing power of pre-war times. Remember, when the new currency was introduced, Iraqis lost all of their savings and purchasing power. It would only be fair to return the losses back to the people. Iraqis became poor overnight and they just may become
wealthy overnight… sounds fair.

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