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Thread: Robert Hoffman chat, 6-23-11, 9:00pm CST

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    Robert Hoffman chat, 6-23-11, 9:00pm CST

    2011-06-23 18:09:54 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Over the last couple months there have been major advancements in Iraq. I would like to touch on a few
    2011-06-23 18:10:03 [Message] shela1153 -> Stardogger Chat: dbcooper good evening
    2011-06-23 18:10:10 [Message] Duke -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc i posted today that they are planning a restructuring of the monetary system, what do you know about that?
    2011-06-23 18:10:41 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Let me talk about facts then we will address your questions
    2011-06-23 18:10:52 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc sounds great
    2011-06-23 18:11:22 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Hillary Clinton urging major companies to open up shop is huge
    2011-06-23 18:12:03 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: We know America and the rest of the world is behind Iraq but proof like this is massive
    2011-06-23 18:13:04 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Iraq and oil ministry increased oil reserves found to 500 billion barrells
    2011-06-23 18:13:34 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: oil production by year end at 3 million BPD
    2011-06-23 18:14:11 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: they believe in several years following 10 million BPD
    2011-06-23 18:14:38 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: thats astounding cause Saudi struggles at 8 to 9
    2011-06-23 18:15:14 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: these are significant accomplishments that bring world investment
    2011-06-23 18:15:47 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: You know I'm conservative so we at Dinar Inc look for long term
    2011-06-23 18:16:33 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: ISX is up 40% in 2011'. Anyone know that?
    2011-06-23 18:17:19 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Let's open it up to questions
    2011-06-23 18:18:09 [Message] Duke -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc ,I posted today that they are planning to restructuring the monetary system, what do you know about that?
    2011-06-23 18:18:38 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Is that the article from the Kurdistan News?
    2011-06-23 18:19:01 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc Its from one of the Arab news sites
    2011-06-23 18:20:04 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Remember, Kurdistan has been an independent state for the last 20 years and doesnt want to take orders from a Central government
    2011-06-23 18:20:35 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: I spent alot of time their and so has Will Casino my right hand man
    2011-06-23 18:21:09 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Very unlikely I read article has no substance
    2011-06-23 18:21:53 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc Did you receive the article I sent Will about the forex and the proposed restrictions on trading?
    2011-06-23 18:22:35 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Remember this is the Middle East laws, ethics we have to incorporate they dont. I have read so many articles that are printed because they were paid off
    2011-06-23 18:22:48 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Yes.
    2011-06-23 18:23:19 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: This is an amendant to the commodity bill.
    2011-06-23 18:23:20 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc Does that affect anyone holding the physical Dinar in your opinion?
    2011-06-23 18:23:47 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Currency is not a commodity.
    2011-06-23 18:23:56 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc true..agreed
    2011-06-23 18:24:16 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Gold, Silver, pork bellies ect are commodities.
    2011-06-23 18:24:32 [Message] hopefultxn -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc when did Iraq raise their oil reserves, at the meeting in Paris, I believe in April he stated they had 143 billion barrels of recoverable oil, expecting to add 30 more billion to that but that they had not been fully audited at that time
    2011-06-23 18:25:05 [Message] here2day -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc Thank you for taking the time to chat with us .
    2011-06-23 18:26:35 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Remember you are not leveraging when purchasing the Dinar. You trade forex you control 100k of Yen for only $10,000 that is risky. Dinar is safely purchasable and always will be.
    2011-06-23 18:27:21 [Message] here2day -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc Have you noticied any unrest in the iraqi people as far the change in currency ?
    2011-06-23 18:27:57 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Email the office tomorrow we have a master file of all releases by the government. Believe this was a month or 2 ago regarding oil reserves
    2011-06-23 18:28:47 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: the only unrest is with u in America. There is gonna be NO change in currency
    2011-06-23 18:29:22 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc smaller denoms?
    2011-06-23 18:29:36 [Message] Duke -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc I posted an article saying inflation will go up to 7 %, will this encourage the rv
    2011-06-23 18:30:03 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Commodities play little role other than oil.
    2011-06-23 18:30:22 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: What about smaller denoms?
    2011-06-23 18:30:58 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc you stated no change in currency, just smaller denominations then?
    2011-06-23 18:31:21 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Inflation of 7% in that country thats overtaking China in growth I will take it!!!
    2011-06-23 18:31:26 [Message] hopefultxn -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc the articles seem to state that Saleh wishes to reduce the amount of physical currency to the levels of the 80's which was around 25 billion. Shabibi has stated that the change would not affect the economy - how do you do both of those items without a redenomination?
    2011-06-23 18:33:20 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: The 80's is a different Iraq you cannot compare it to today
    2011-06-23 18:33:20 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: hopefultxn yer a tough nut to crack! lol
    2011-06-23 18:33:45 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Can you compare the US in the 80's to today? No
    2011-06-23 18:34:24 [Message] hopefultxn -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc Saleh made the statement - I am asking how he can do it a 1,000 time reduction without a redenomination
    2011-06-23 18:34:33 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Not valid. Just because Shabibi comments on something doesn't mean it's gonna happen
    2011-06-23 18:36:35 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: hopefultxn No offense intended, you are very educated in this department
    2011-06-23 18:36:51 [Message] hopefultxn -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc so I should disregard the statements of Saleh, the finance minister - and Shabibi the governor of the central bank?
    2011-06-23 18:36:59 [Message] hopefultxn -> Stardogger Chat: dbcooper none taken, you know that lol
    2011-06-23 18:37:14 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: most of the time people believe because its written its valid
    2011-06-23 18:37:36 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Not the case most of the time unless fact
    2011-06-23 18:38:09 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc Is there any other factual info that you can share?
    2011-06-23 18:38:50 [Message] hopefultxn -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc no offense, but are you stating that I should disregard the statements of the CBI, which includes those that they submitted to the IMF to secure their last loan?
    2011-06-23 18:38:58 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: You dont know if he even made those statements or why he did. Now, if you have him on speed dial a different story
    2011-06-23 18:39:40 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc We heard some reports/rumors that it may start at .10 cents and rise from there, is there any factual basis for that?
    2011-06-23 18:39:52 [Message] hopefultxn -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc I look at the financial data on the CBI website which is updated regularly, and what is provided to the IMF for their SBA's - I learned long ago that their news articles say different things from article to article
    2011-06-23 18:40:20 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Dont look to daily, weekly or monthly statements. What builds countrys and economys, anyone?
    2011-06-23 18:40:29 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: time
    2011-06-23 18:41:01 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: Rome was not built in a day
    2011-06-23 18:41:03 [Message] hopefultxn -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc what is your estimation of a rate that Iraq will come out with if they do not redenominate?
    2011-06-23 18:41:10 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Same thing that did 100 years ago
    2011-06-23 18:42:24 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc Do you have any estimation of time when the Dinar will be globally recognized as a valid and tradeable currency?
    2011-06-23 18:43:39 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Iraq is not a first world country and won't be. But that doesn't mean the country won't be properous and people be rewarded
    2011-06-23 18:43:41 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc I'm sorry if it seems like we are putting the screws to you, but many have valid questions
    2011-06-23 18:43:58 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Remember Iraq has 30 million people only
    2011-06-23 18:44:21 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: But is huge compared to other Arab states
    2011-06-23 18:45:00 [Message] hopefultxn -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc not compared to Saudi Arabia, which has more known oil reserves, a higher daily output and a currency worth about 27 cents US
    2011-06-23 18:45:05 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Major prosperity ahead for Iraq
    2011-06-23 18:45:21 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: [dbcooper] DinarInc Do you have any estimation of time when the Dinar will be globally recognized as a valid and tradeable currency?
    2011-06-23 18:45:45 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Saudi 8MBD in production
    2011-06-23 18:46:12 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: hopefultxn do you recall the amount of currency that Saudi has in circulation?
    2011-06-23 18:46:15 [Message] hopefultxn -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc yes, they have a capacity of about 12.5 but stick closer to OPEC quotas most of the time
    2011-06-23 18:46:33 [Message] hopefultxn -> Stardogger Chat: dbcooper believe it was about 3 trillion riyal
    2011-06-23 18:46:43 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: hopefultxn TY
    2011-06-23 18:47:14 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: they say they do. at 100 barrel of oil trust me they would be producing more if they could
    2011-06-23 18:47:56 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: It was a pleasure again everyone
    2011-06-23 18:48:02 [Message] hopefultxn -> Stardogger Chat: dbcooper belive so, I am downloading their financials right now, thought I still had them
    2011-06-23 18:48:47 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: hopefultxn no prob and thank you
    2011-06-23 18:48:58 [Message] hopefultxn -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc they have increased their oil production before, but they usually go back to abiding by OPEC quotas
    2011-06-23 18:49:03 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc for us to Robert
    2011-06-23 18:49:31 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: I'll give you a dern quota!! lol
    2011-06-23 18:50:43 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Thanks alot everyone! Please call us with any questions we are available 24 hrs day 7 days a week. Thank you for the hospitality and relationship here at
    2011-06-23 18:50:51 [Message] hopefultxn -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc right now Iraq doesnt have a quota set on them - that is said to not be needed until they reach 4-5 million barrels per day
    2011-06-23 18:51:16 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc your very welcome, please come again, unless you have more time now
    2011-06-23 18:51:18 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: u r right my friend
    2011-06-23 18:51:43 [Message] dbcooper -> Stardogger Chat: we could ratchet jaw you all night
    2011-06-23 18:52:21 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Thanks for a great chat. Love to do it again soon. I am headed this weekend over there.
    2011-06-23 18:52:40 [Message] minichaser -> Stardogger Chat: DinarInc bring back the rv will ya?
    2011-06-23 18:53:26 [Message] DinarInc -> Stardogger Chat: Talk again soon. Thanks.
    If its not on's probably crap!

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    Sorry I missed this chat, but after reading what was said it seems I didn't miss much. He didin't answer any of hopefultxns question and if he did answer one or two the answers were vague and without anything to back them up but the usual pie in the sky statement that Iraq was rich with oil. Thanks Hopefultxn for the great questions. One I would have liked to be answered is the one about reducing the currency supply. He says we shouldn't believe the articles, so we should believe him? He who gives no facts or figures? I think not.

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