Iraqi Stock Exchange indicate an increase in shares traded


BAGHDAD - morning

Issued the Iraqi market for securities carried for the first half of the year the current, which dealt with numbers and information the number of trading sessions and the total shares traded and the values ​​of the college and the entire electronic contracts that has been accomplished during that period, while the bulletin pointed out the high index trading in the first half of the current compared with the same indicators from the past year ..

According to the bulletin that I got the (morning), a copy of the market systems (123) trading session an average of five sessions per week ran from Sunday to Thursday every week. They represent 100 percent of the target and the number of meetings planned during the first half of 2011.

The bulletin pointed out that the total number of shares traded during that period amounted to (252) billion shares, with a total value of (481) billion dinars, equivalent to (400) million dollars through the implementation of (71 130) contract traded electronically.

The bulletin pointed out that the trading of non-Iraqi buying and selling of the total above amounted to buy (55) billion shares worth 109 billion dinars, which is equivalent to (91) million, as well as for sale (4) billion shares worth (13) billion dinars, which is equivalent to ( 11) million dollars. The bulletin showed in detail the number of sessions carried out and the size and increase the height of contracts executed, according to the following schedule:

A high number of sessions implemented by (1.6 percent)

2 increase the number of shares traded increased (39 percent) and high volume by (73 percent)

3 increase in the number of contracts executed by (111 percent)

4 increase the number of shares and trading volume for the purchase of non-Iraqis "by (132 percent) and (155 percent), respectively.

5 high volume of trading for selling non-Iraqis "by (96.5 percent).

6 The value of the index number (52) points in the closed end of the first half of 2011 than in 2010.

The Securities Commission of Iraq has recently announced that Iraq's progress on the countries of the region the size of financial trading by 70 Palmihmbana that the government recently agreed with the Bank (HHPT), which spreads across the countries of the world, to develop the Iraqi market for securities .. The head of the Abd al-Razzaq al-Saadi: Iraq issued traded funds by 70 percent compared with the countries of the region and added that the Iraqi market for financial funds managed to acquire the confidence of others, because of its legal disclosure controls, from the assets of companies.

Revealed Saadi said the movement of the Iraqi market for securities rise the higher the volume of investment projects in the country, and expanded financial transactions between the Iraqi market and world markets through banks .. in the meantime agreed to mobile phone companies operating in the country, to put 25 percent of its shares in the Iraqi market Securities.