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Thread: We will liberate the Iraqi economic 2/24/2010

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    We will liberate the Iraqi economic 2/24/2010

    D. Chalabi: We will liberate the Iraqi economic and political Hrrnah
    24 / 02 / 2010 24 / 02 / 2010

    Dr. Ahmad Abdul Hadi Chalabi, head of the Iraqi National Congress, we want to liberate the Iraqi citizens from the economic dominance of the public sector and succeeded in liberating politicians from the dictatorship of Saddam's Baath.

    . He said in a speech to a large public rally in the city of Husseiniya (east Baghdad), which requires that the violence in our country, it is given by the economic progress is especially the Iraqi National Coalition is generally of paramount importance.
    Addressing the huge crowd packed the popular main hall of the Sports Club Husseiniya (b helped us in the forthcoming elections to be able to serve you which we are honored during the next four years).
    The d. Chalabi had visited on Monday afternoon for the fourth time the city of Husseiniya, which he described the city as she was a champion and is still bumper eastern Baghdad against terrorism. Upon his arrival to the place thronged by hundreds of their people received b (on a Yak-Ali). Then attended a rally was opened by reading verses from the Holy Quran followed by a minute of silence for the souls of martyrs have coincided with a reading of the Al-Fatihah in honor of the blessed them and after the anthem, my home (national anthem of the Republic of Iraq).

    Chalabi launched his address, saying the people of Husseiniya (I Quaoemtem terrorism, Saddam before Tqomoa takfiri terrorism and you have the victims after the victims Vanaemtem this please the people of Baghdad who have found safe a result of your courageous in resisting the Sunni extremist groups).

    He renewed his pledge in front of them that the Baath would not go back on the Iraqis, stressing his commitment to asylum under the Iraqi constitution and the law in order to prevent the killers of the Iraqi people to return back to the political front in Iraq.

    He (we do not fear God, but because we are defending our people against anyone who wants to impose upon them something that is outside his will), noting that the Baathists tried to pressure us to their declarations coming from the United States to change course and accept their return to power, contrary to the Constitution (but thanks to the support of the people and the solidarity of the coalition and stand staunchly barrier in front of them).

    told the people of the city (have you suffered from the former Baath Party, where you make the victims and martyrs here when Hosrtm and oppressed by dictators, and Oola Hasrkm Adthdokm Americans, after the fall of the former regime and this demonstrates that the Americans and the Baathists Sean hostility in you.)

    Chalabi stressed that the suffering of the people of Iraq in general and especially the people of Husseiniya of poverty and destitution and deprivation is a shame and disgrace and shame on the brow of everyone who gets pregnant until now heavily on the corrupt and the corrupt (who steal the food from the mouths of your children).

    In this context, scoffed at those who have named their campaign for the upcoming elections to (and will change), wondering what will this alleged they changed during the past four years of their rule of Iraq. And demonstrated the falsity of this claim of inferiority made in the ration card items for about six months, adding that they stole this shortfall of approximately two hundred thousand dinars from each individual Iraqis.

    Turning d. Chalabi of the Iraqi National Coalition, saying that he is devoting the people's will to protect the homeland, independence and sovereignty, because it includes a broader national trends, popular and most prominent leaders, experts and politicians who represent all segments of the Iraqis to fight in defense of the general public.

    He said in a speech punctuated by cheers in favor of locals gathered in front of hundreds, that this heroic people, who spent decades under the rule of tyrants, is still poor and in need with people that live on the richest land in the world, so we want him to enable management to take advantage of its resources to promote the economic and service hub.

    In this regard, reiterated that the coalition has prepared a program for future work focuses on both economic and service, describing the program that is a direct positive impact on the lives of Iraqis in. He pointed out that the most important contents of the Program at the Economic Alliance and service-effective solutions to the housing crisis, describing these solutions as the jewel of the program.

    And blamed the neglect of the housing by all the institutions involved, whether official or unofficial because they did not understand the obstacles to the establishment of citizens housing for them, saying that all of its projects so far are projects that are not realistic.

    He reiterated that the task of the solutions included in the program solving the unemployment crisis by focusing on finding a real job opportunities to a productive and useful citizens, not by total reliance on recruitment career in state institutions.

    He stressed that the coalition has made great effort in preparing this program, pointing to the absence of such a program with any other list of lists competing in the upcoming legislative elections. He described the program as a contract between voters and elected, and not just election promises is what distinguishes the Alliance list from the rest of the electoral lists.

    He pledged to the crowd for the people of this popular Husseinieh that the coalition if he succeeds in the forthcoming elections a success to qualify for access to the most powerful Alemrakzvi State will implement the UN package, emphasizing that this was not part of the Iraqis, but it is a right they deserve. And invited them to a revolution against the constitutionality of legal administrative and financial corruption such as the Constitutional Revolution of legal by the Supreme National Commission for Accountability and Justice against Saddam's Baath and its allies hypocrites.

    The word d. Ahmad Abdul Hadi Chalabi, had been preceded by a few words and poems represented the sincere feelings for the people of the city towards the Husseinieh decent person, especially that it was unanimous in its described as a worthy son of the Iraqi people as a whole. ...

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    Re: We will liberate the Iraqi economic 2/24/2010

    Thanks for the post.

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