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Thread: Itís done!!! Really?

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    Itís done!!! Really?

    Now that I have your attention! This was sent to me in email. I think it says it all!

    It’s done!!! Really? How many
    times have we heard this? Or how about this: 98.97% probability rate post in the
    next 72 hours. Well let’s explore each one on its own shall we.

    A man
    brings in a car for me to work on. The engine won’t start. I gather my tools so
    I can start work on it tomorrow. The next day the man calls and I say
    “its done”. When he shows up I tell him that I have my tools
    out and I am working on it but it still won’t start. The man is puzzled because
    I said it was done. Next day I start going through the repair
    manual because I still can’t get it started. The customer calls and I tell him
    “it’s done”. The man shows up and I explain that I’m reading
    the manuals on the car and it still won’t start. He say “But you said it
    was done?”.
    How many times do you think I could say this to the
    man before he has me committed for being totally insane?

    I realize that
    there is much that goes into revaluing a currency. By definition the
    revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar only happens when the “value” of the currency
    changes. This is pretty straight forward. In what way is it done?
    Because people are working on it that means it is done? (you may want to read
    the above example). Come on let’s just grow up. This is really silly. If the
    value of a currency has not changed then it is not a “done”

    I am a mathematician. No joke I really am. So you can
    imagine how I cringe each time I see something like “98.97% probability rate
    post in the next 72 hours”. How many times can something be a 98% or more
    probability and not happen? If it is a 98% probability for the next 72 hours
    re-posted over a 2 month range then I think remedial math may be in

    Come on guys you were thinking it too don’t lie.

    This isn’t about bashing it is about using common
    sense. Stop treating us like we don’t understand the simple definition of

    Definition of done:
    1. A simple past tense of do.
    2. Completed; finished; through.(adjective)

    There see. That is the definition of done. Still think it’s done?

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