Posted by DaisyRN at CTC

WARNING: It has come to our attention that people are being given some questionable advice regarding cashing in your dinar, after the RV, in Mexico. There has been a huge rise in violence in Mexico related to the drug cartels. Many lives of innocent Mexicans and Americans have been lost, there have been numerous kidnappings of Americans, and children have been “stolen” and never seen again. We are aware that people are giving this “advice” with no consideration to you, or the danger to you or your family. Please take heed of this warning and above all keep yourself and your families safe. It is not only border towns that have been affected by this violence; there are also many resort locations that are quickly becoming targets for this type of activity. Try to keep in mind, even though overseas banking does seem like an option with great benefits for people to keep more money in their pockets, there is a price for this. Educate yourselves and make good decisions. It is not only Mexico but other countries as well. Not all countries have insurance to ensure your funds are safe from bad management practices or even ensure that your monies will not be confiscated by the host country. Stay informed and well educated. Due diligence is not just a saying but rather a way of life. In conclusion, this is only my opinion, please protect yourself!!!!