The political split in Iraq is deepening.

Posted 29.12.2011 10:08:41 UTC
Updated 29.12.2011 10:08:41 UTC
The leader of the regional administration in the north of Iraq, Masud Barzani has said that Baghdad has been experiencing its biggest crisis since 2003.

Iraq's Vice-President Tarik Al Hashimi for whom an arrest warrant has been issued on charges of orchestrating terror activities said that he had paid a very hefty price for constantly standing up to Iran's influence in Iraq and exerting a lot of efforts for the Sunni segment of Iraq's population ,who had taken up arms since 2003, to be peaceful and go into politics.

The Turkmens considered non-existent during the Saddam era and kept out of the political frame following the US occupation have been assuming very crucial roles in these trying times of Iraq marked with sectarian altercations. The Turkmens strongly in favour of Iraq's unity are doing their best to have the sides patch up and reach a compromise.

Represented in parliament by 10 deputies and three ministers in the cabinet, Turkmens are making efforts to be an element of balance in Iraq.

The Chairman of the Turkmen Front of Iraq Erşat Salihi said that they were going to continue defending the integrity of Iraq and it is the Turkmens who serve as a factor of balance in Iraq, and added that they had virtually shown that balance in the latest incidents.

Salihi said further that some regional countries had been trying to drag Iraq into a chaos by interfering into its internal affairs and noted that among the regionl countries, it was only Turkey who stood at an equal distance to all groups in Iraq unlike those each of which gave backing to a different group. He also said that Turkey got in touch with all groups, including the Turkmens and Kurds and if Iran and Saudi Arabia were to do the same as Turkey did, there would be no problem.

Trucks in three different parts of Kirkuk filled with explosives detonated by remote control ,in wihch one person was killed and two others injured, was the latest incident in the area.

The Eshref Encampment where thousands of Iranian dissidents are put up has also been targeted but no casualties have been reported.