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Thread: Duke's AM cliff notes for 01/04/2012

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    Duke's AM cliff notes for 01/04/2012

    Good Morning, well the foolrus are at it again, if it's not dangerous. Tomorrow or the next day, but as I've said time and time again, give me a hard copy to back up what you're saying. For those of you that in following this for the past two or two and half years, you have learned not to believe the foolrus when they make a prediction of a rate and date. IMO, until I see a hard copy that the GOI has been seated and that Shabibi makes an announcement that the dinar has RV'd, then I will believe it. As for all the foolrus, folks think for yourself and look for people who try to give you just what is going on and not give you BS. The foolurs have been saying the same thing for the two years I have been following the dinar and they have yet to be right.

    Will the dinar RV, yes I believe it will, but on Iraq's time frame and not yours, mine or the foolrus.

    So with that said, Have a great day and RV soon.

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    5. Boycott, walkout mar Iraq parliament session

    6. Sadr threatens to take the position of the National Congress in the event of an invitation Alasaúb

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    7. Iraq's insistence on discussing the issue of al-Hashemi postpone the meeting of heads of the blocks to further notice

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