Three deputies from the Iraqi announce the formation of an independent block and decide to return to parliament
Editor: HAH Thursday, 05 K 2 2012 09:04 GMT
MP Abdul Rahman Alloizi
Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Announced three deputies from the Iraqi List, Thursday, for the formation of an independent bloc within the list due to the policy that led deviated from the national project, and while they decided to return to the meetings of the House, asserted that many Iraqi MPs will join the new bloc.

The MP said the Iraqi List, Abdel-Rahman Alloizi during a press conference held today, the parliament building and attended by "Alsumaria News", "I am with Deputies Ahmed Jubouri, Juma Ibrahim Khader, we decided to form a bloc and patriots in the framework of the Iraqi List," attributing the cause to the "policy of some leaders of the menu that veered from its decree and purpose of its noble and its line of the national. "

He Alloizi that "the list has taken it upon Bmazlomah range without the other and the suffering of the province without the other on sectarian background, as well as personal interests to the interests of the people," noting that "the form of significant pressure on members of the list of central and South led to the exit of some of its members to protest this policy, the loss of the existing broad audience in those provinces. "

He Alloizi to "support the leadership of the Iraqi List of projects Territories serious indicator sends a doubt the commitment of these leaders, the unity of the country," pointing out that "the exchange of the Iraqi policy of fabricating a crisis with the government and most recently by its decision to suspend its members attending the meetings of Parliament and the Council of Ministers, the greater the political landscape complex ".

The Alloizi that "the block and decided to resume meetings of the national parliament, our commitment to that oath Oksmnah to care for the interests of the people," noting that "many Iraqi MPs will join the new bloc."

And announced that the Iraqi List, in the 19 of December last, a boycott of the Council of Ministers, which operates the eight seats, two days after the boycott meetings of the Council of Representatives to protest what he called "political marginalization."

And saw the Iraqi List, many of the schisms in the past period, the latest of which was the withdrawal of MP Alexander and berries with four members from the province of Babylon, beginning this January, as announced, dozens of members of the National Accord Movement, led by Iyad Allawi, in the province of Basra, on the withdrawal of the joining other political movement under incorporation, including defectors from the movement and the Iraqi List of other provinces, as stressed earlier in the movement leading to marginalization, exclusion and communal orientation to the list behind the withdrawal.

The Movement for national reconciliation in the province of Najaf, in the 31 of December last, for its withdrawal from the Iraqi List and the accession to the Sons of Iraq movement for change, attributed the reason for the withdrawal to the exclusion and marginalization and orientation of sectarian leaders have the list and loss of balance in dealing with the issue of Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi, as confirmed Sons of Iraq movement for change that the representatives of Iraq's many provinces will join them soon.

The members of the Reconciliation Movement in Dhi Qar announced, in the 26 December 2011, a full withdrawal from the movement and the Iraqi List, as a result of errors and practices pursued by the leadership of the Iraqi List, recently including the processes of marginalization, exclusion and orientation sectarian towards the leaders and cadres of the movement's candidates and the Iraqi List in the areas of the Middle Euphrates and South, as confirmed the formation of a new movement on behalf of the Sons of Iraq movement for change.

Also announced the members of the National Accord Movement, Wasit Province, in the 11 September 2011, the dissidents from the movement and composition of a gathering new, stressing that among the causes of dissidents there is no central command sober for a movement capable of salvation from the roots Baathist, while MP Zuhair Araji, in the 31 of July 2011, his withdrawal from the Iraqi List, led a protest on the uniqueness of the decisions and favoring personal interests, noting that the positions are close to the patronage and clientelism, as he emphasized that the coming days will witness the withdrawal of many members of the Iraqi List.

In the seventh of last March, 2011, split eight deputies of the Iraqi and the formation of "white Iraqi bloc", led by Hassan Al-Alawi, in response to the existing policy, which was not successful completion as planned, according to a statement issued by the dissidents.

As MP for the city of Karbala Mohammad Daami, on the ninth of August, his withdrawal from the Iraqi List, and to join the Iraqi bloc white, stressing that the list did not provide assistance to his province, which arrived through their voices to the Parliament.

Come these divisions taking place in the Iraqi List, coinciding with the escalation of political crisis dramatically after the issuance of an arrest warrant against the Vice President of the Republic of command in the list of Iraq Tariq al-Hashimi, and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a request to parliament to withdraw confidence from the deputy leader of the Iraqi List, also Saleh al-Mutlaq, it which prompted the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, to suspend its membership in the Council of Ministers and House of Representatives, and submit a request to the parliament of no confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and this crisis coincides with the completion of a U.S. withdrawal from the country, and many who warned of the threat to the country.