Word of the Day: Tuesday January 10, 2012: paregmenon

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paregmenon \puh-REG-muh-non\ , noun:

The juxtaposition of words that have a common derivation, as in “sense and sensibility.”
Although as artificial as his use of traductio, this use of paregmenon at least reveals Sidney's ingenuity and wit.
-- Sherod M. Cooper, The Sonnets of Astrophel and Stella

The recurrence of the same word with a different inflection, as in the polyptoton, or of different words of the same origin, as in the paregmenon, draws attention to the word thus recurring, and adds somewhat to its logical worth.
-- Josiah Willard Gibbs, Philological Studies with English Illustrations

Paregmenon comes from the Greek word parēēgménon meaning "to bring side by side or derive."

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