Maliki confirms the need not to politicize the security services

Tuesday 10 كانون الثاني 2012 10:51 GMT
Celebration of the establishment of the Iraqi police looked good occasion for the Prime Minister to pay tribute to export an officers Nazhan Jubouri and the seven suicide bomber attacked a visitor last Thursday in Dhi Qar, have returned this sacrifice is an example of politicians emulate him to spare the security establishment differences, which calls at the same time to hold accountable anyone who attempts to politicize it.

Nuri al-Maliki - Prime Minister (line of martyrs Lieutenant Nazhan, the martyr to the finest of these epics which proved in it that the police officer does not deal with his duty, which gave them a lesson for us politicians to not only deal on the basis of duty and task, you must hold those who tend the process of security towards the politicization because the differences Political governed by certain rules, negotiations and agreements and disagree, but if a man safe with the security man turned into a weapon and turned into a Gordian knot can not be resolved)

The Interior Ministry, which is still managed by proxy until the moment because of what al-Maliki pointed to differences confirm its approach to neutrality in political conflicts took the opportunity of this ceremony to announce the drying up of funding for some of the armed groups.

Adnan al-Asadi - senior agent in the Ministry of the Interior (nothing to do with us, political interference or political issues, political issues to politicians and we are implementing the law, now we have groups of a major terrorist frankly gangs huge detected, arrests continued, too, recent admissions there is funding from the region of some of the dealers area for some terrorist operations)

This concert was an opportunity also to announce a joint committee of the Ministries of Interior and Defense to transfer the functions of keeping the security of the cities to the police to begin and end the provinces quiet Balsakhna to be completed before the end of this year.

Aiden Khaled - Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Police Affairs (on the verge of completing this task to hand over some provinces, Dhi Qar, Muthanna, Najaf, the plan requires the selection of the provinces first quiet, then semi-hot, hot, and the provinces)

The organizers say the readiness of these forces that the task of the police shifted from the protection of authoritarian regimes and crime to protect the people and its political team, observers contradict this proposal, some of the criticism and see the penetration of party elements in this institution a factor that could contribute in the future politicized in favor of a specific destination, especially as these forces consideration of the observers themselves lack the balance of career and placement of all components of the people.

Maliki took advantage of the celebration of confirmation that the country's political problems will be solved eventually by the Constitution because no one can Twitter outside the political process.