Approving the budget of Iraq under the influence of political controversy

Tuesday 10 كانون الثاني 2012 10:19 GMT
Will remain another week for the second reading of the budget of the year two thousand and twelve incomplete .. Amid further criticism of the current draft of ... Apparently, the position of some blocks of the National Alliance were identical to some extent to the position of the Kurdistan Alliance, particularly with respect to shares of the governorates and the Kurdistan region.
Hussein Al-Muraabi / Deputy for the National Alliance:
"Unfortunately, the current law is not the difference from the previous law of 2011 dedicated a new central authority did not give occasion for the provincial councils,"
Response to the Parliamentary Finance Committee came quickly to confirm what monitor to double the development of the regions in the current year budget.
Haider al-Abadi / Chairman of the Finance Committee:
"Percentage increase in the amount of the provinces this year from last year up to almost 100% increase and this increase is very good, however Ahanh aspire to make transfers from some of the doors to the development of the regions to increase"
While continuing dialogues to get out the blocks is compatible with the draft it, says the coalition in Iraq that he might jump on the decision to boycott parliament sessions in the day of the vote on the budget so as not to cause interrupt disable approval.
Muhammad Al-Khalidi / Deputy for Iraq:
"Now there is the work of Shi and voting is simple, even if there was an agreement we enter to vote until this also becomes a process."
This tendency was the focus of the Kurdistan Alliance, welcome, which seems not ready to approve the budget away from Iraq.
Vian intruder / Deputy for the Kurdistan Alliance:
"We can vote on the budget that was not there to please all parties in Iraq and a large block"