McCain expects Iraq government to collapse and split into three different States

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 13:54 GMT
US Senator John McCain expected, on Tuesday, that Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki’s government would break down leading to the country’s disintegration into three different states. Militias and death squads operating in Iraq, increased tensions between Kurdish areas and the rest of Iraq, and the hiding out of Iraqi Vice-President in Erbil are clear signs of the country’s eventual disintegration, McCain pointed up, a source told Alsumaria.

“The situation in Iraq is unraveling which threatens lives of thousands of American civilians in the country,” US Senator John McCain told a TV interview. “Iraq will likely break up which would eventually lead to the formation of three different States,” he expected.

“The 15 thousand American civilians in Iraq are not safe,” presidential candidate for Republican Party John McCain uttered. “The US would be forced to pull these civilians out of Iraq if security collapsed and chaos prevailed”, he noted.

“Iraqi government is close to breakdown,” McCain indicated adding that tension is rising between Kurdish areas and the rest of Iraq.
“Obama’s administration is to be blamed for the deteriorating situation in Iraq because it refrained from leaving a US force behind, Senator John McCain who lost 2008 presidential elections to Barack Obama accused.

"What Defense Secretary Leon Panetta may not understand, and I have great admiration and respect for him, is that the situation is unraveling," McCain said. “Iraqi Vice-President is hiding out in Erbil, and militias and death squads are operating in the country,” he stressed.

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and his Parliament Speaker Osama Al Nujaifi agreed, in a meeting in Sulaymaniyah on December 27, upon holding a national congress for all Iraqi political parties in order to deal with state governance issues and bring forth related solutions.

The US officially ended its presence in Iraq, in December 2011, by virtue of 2008’s agreement between both countries. This agreement was concluded after 9 years of US invasion to Iraq when Saddam Hussein’s regime was tossed following the resolution of former US President Georges Bush.