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Thread: Duke's cliff notes for 1/11/2012

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    Duke's cliff notes for 1/11/2012

    Good Morning, well hump day is here again and we are still hopeful that we will RV, however the time frame may not be a quick as we hoped. We are hearing more and more that certain things have to happen before the trigger is pull. And yes the trigger will be pulled, but when, only time will tell. So be patient, don't get stressed and be careful about how much credit you put into what the gurus say about how soon and the rate the IQD will RV.

    Have a great day and RV soon.

    1. Currency Auctions: Announcement No. (2054): 1/11/2012

    2. Word of the Day: Wednesday January 11, 2012: expostulate

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    3. Najaf Council voted to make the smart card is an alternative to the ration in the distribution of petroleum products

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    4. Khalidi: Back to the list members, parliament and the government depends on the successful holding of the National Congress and its

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    5. Kuwait: Maliki's visit we look forward with interest to complete the negotiations and resolve outstanding issues

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    6. Iraqi exclude the holding of any conference, "If you stayed Maliki," prime minister

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    7. Mutlaq al-Maliki calls for change and underlines the fact that he "will drag Iraq into a disaster"

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    8. Iraq: A Country in Shambles

    9. Central Bank: the failure of fiscal policy to achieve economic growth and current expenditure inconsistent with the monetary policy

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    10. McCain expects Iraq government to collapse and split into three different States

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