Maliki's coalition in Diyala wanted calls from members of the provincial council to surrender
Author: AK Editor: HAH | HL Tuesday, 17 K 2 2012 09:35 GMT
Alsumaria News / Diyala
Block called a coalition of state law in Diyala province, Tuesday, members of the Provincial Council for the Elimination of Iraq's most wanted terrorist and criminal charges to surrender to justice, while accusing them of fomenting problems and crises to evade justice.

The head of the bloc Issam Shaker in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "There are a number of members of the Diyala provincial council wanted by the Iraqi judiciary on charges of terrorist, criminal and issued against them warrants an official", calling on them to "surrender to the judiciary and not to raise problems and crises to evade it."

Shaker said that "the dismissal decision in those cases is due to spend alone as an independent," denying at the same time that "the arrest warrants against some members of the provincial council were politically motivated."

The security committee in the province of Diyala attributed, in the 21 of December 2011, non-attendance of members of the Iraqi bloc meetings of the provincial council in Baquba, to the issuance of a number of arrest warrants against them, mostly on charges of terrorism, saying they fear activated especially after the recent developments in the province following a request for declaration territories.

According to informed security sources in the province of Diyala, to the existence of more than four arrest warrants against members of the Council of the Iraqi province of Diyala, most produced between 2007-2006, but its application was postponed because of circumstances unknown.