Obama administration continues to keep the pressure on Baghdad to pass the oil and gas law
On: Tue 01/24/2012 22:32

Western companies controlled almost entirely on the Iraqi oil market
Citizen - Translation: Ammar Mohammed Kazem
Western producers have emerged as the biggest beneficiaries of the oil from the Iraq war. She analyzed the economic Antwena Juhasz: Prior to the occupation in 2003, the Western companies is able to enter Iraq, but after the occupation controlled almost entirely on the market Iraqi oil so it can be said that foreign companies now returned to work within the country and produce oil there for the first time since it was out force of the country in 1973.
Western companies, oil producers such as BP and Exxon Mobil, Shell has the best to enter them into Iraq's southern oilfields, says Andy Angeles Executive Director of Exploration at BP: We see this as the beginning for us and we look forward to the relations of long-term relationships with Iraq and look forward to more opportunities in the future. Dr Abdul Hai Yahya Salloum economic and international consultant oil says that Western companies have won many contracts in spite of the lack of transparency and clarity of vision with regard to legal issues The Iraqi government has given a small piece of this cake to China and other countries and other companies in order to stay silent.
The group led by BP, will get $ 2 billion annually to develop the Rumaila fields and the group led by Shell, you will get a $ 913 million a year the group led by Exxon Mobil is repelled to get $ 1.6 billion per year, according to British newspaper reports Bloomberg. Such calculations are based on the wages agreed barrel extracted, multiplied by the highest level of production.
David Bender says Middle East analyst at the Eurasia Group oil in Washington, Iraq is one of the most attractive oil markets in the world, so I felt that the international oil companies to enter Iraq in the beginning can contribute to improving their chances in the long run.
Look like the oil companies operating in the territory of Kurdistan they get better paid for labor services, where the actions of companies like (DNA) or the Norwegian Company ASA and who are also pumping production on the basis of the share of the partnership agreed, but this is done without recognition of the central government so as reported Media to Bloomberg News British.
The company «Hunt Oil» American and based in the state of Dallas has proved to be a separate agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government in 2007 as many believe that Al Hunt were to win for the fact that the company chairman Ray Hunt was a friend of George Bush and the financier of his presidential campaign, but a report in the New York Times, issued in 2008 on the first page seen: that the deal was being reversed American policy and the opposite of what you want the central government in Iraq, where it appears that Bush was not thinking of that, and Baghdad has made him a violent response.
The reports issued by the New York Times and McClatchy Americas that Iraqi Oil Minister considered that the transaction is illegal, and the report was leaked by the site and Chaeliks news in a letter by the U.S. State Department said it: We caution against this contract because of legal risks relating to disputed territories and the issue of shares of oil is still the subject of controversy between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government and the contract such as this can aggravate the conflict. Says analyst Antonia Juhasz: The Iraqi people are against privatization and that the oil law has not yet approved, contracts initiate a form of privatization without reference to the people as they gave during the occupation to the countries that have it and that's what makes democracy and justice are the losers two largest in the battle of the oil.
Observed that the administration of President Obama still continue to put pressure on Baghdad to pass the law of oil and gas reflect the wishes of the majority of the Iraqi people and therefore, this requires a large army of occupation to ensure the entry of foreign companies. The pattern that emerged during the past sixty years is that the Pentagon and the CIA, they were paving the way for the takeover of the Middle East oil, through which dispense with Western companies, where it looks like the whole war that took place in Iraq was for oil. Newspaper: Sherwood Ross, the U.S.