Word of the Day: Wednesday January 25, 2012: bleb

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bleb \bleb\ , noun:

1. A bubble.

2. Medicine/Medical. A blister or vesicle.

One day, as he was bathing her, a bleb of shampoo had streamed into her eye, and she had kept a hand pressed to it for the rest of the day, quailing away from him whenever he walked past.
-- Kevin Brockmeier, Things That Fall From the Sky

His gaze skims over the computer out the side-yard window, to rest on a fat avocado, a bleb of green light hanging from a branch.
-- Diana Abu-Jaber, Birds of Paradise

Bleb was first used in the early 1600s. It is considered imitative of a blister itself. It is also related to the Middle English word blob.

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