Iraq's leaders are turning to solve their problems before the Arab summit in Baghdad
07/02/2012 15:01

Erbil, February 7 (Rn) - intensified by President Jalal Talabani recently his meetings with various political parties to participate in the government of "national partnership" to ease the tension before the conference, including a reliable Iraqis to end the political crisis, which hit the country.

It seems that the Iraqi policy-makers are trying their house in order before the maturity of an Arab is to hold the Arab summit in Baghdad at the end of next March.

Brings together senior Iraqi politicians that the preparatory meetings for the upcoming national conference was positive, which paves the way to contain the differences since the formation of the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, in late 2010.

Talabani said at the end of the Second Preparatory Meeting of the National Conference on the need for continued efforts to gain access to the means to end the problems and overcoming obstacles, facing the political process, and the transition to a new phase, a phase of building the state and its institutions in accordance with the Constitution and the law.

Participated in the meeting which was held yesterday evening in the house of Talabani, the three presidents and representatives of the major political blocs is the National Alliance and the coalition in Iraq and a coalition of Kurdish blocs.

The National Alliance, the Shiite character, a working paper to the meeting, which included his view of the current political situation in the country, will be presented with the Iraqi bloc and the Kurdistan Alliance and similar papers during the next leaders' meeting, which was decided on Sunday to discuss these three worksheets.

Of the meeting and issued a statement read hairdresser Jalal Talabani's political adviser, the Commission highlighted the commitment to work intensively in order to achieve a national consensus successful, fulfill the aspirations and needs of all Iraqi people.

The statement welcomed the decision of the Arab League to hold the next Arab summit in Baghdad, affirming the Commission's commitment to work together in a spirit of national in order to ensure the success of the Arab summit.

It is scheduled to take place in 29 of the next month, which insist the Iraqi government to be held in place and the schedule specified by the Arab League, after doubts about the non-participation of many Arab leaders in his work, especially after the announcement of Bahrain finally interrupted his protest against the Iraq Support for demonstrations organized by the country's Shiites, demanding the rights of, say they are deprived of them.

The Preparatory Committee also welcomed the return of the Iraqi National List MPs to the House of Representatives, and the resumption of the participation of representatives of the Iraqi cabinet meetings, starting from Tuesday.

The President requested the Preparatory Committee of the Iraqi create a road map to continue the political process in the framework of the Iraqi constitution and agreements to Erbil in 2010, for presentation to the leaders of political blocs.

He praised the efforts made by the Preparatory Committee, expressed his full confidence that the Commission will complete its work in a spirit of cooperation, and strive to overcome obstacles to ensure success.

The participants agreed at the meeting on fundamental principles to guide future discussions and according to the map in question, the most important to adhere to all participants in the political process to stand together against terrorists and against the illegal armed groups, which seek to Iraq and the threat of harm to the Iraqi people.

As well as the Constitution is the basis for the settlement of disputes, and to all those responsible to act according to him, and the necessity that all components of Iraqi society represented fully in the political process, and stressed that the Iraqi judiciary is an independent authority and on an equal footing with other authorities, and must remain in the immune from political interference.

The Vice-President of the Republic Khodair al in a statement that a meeting of the Preparatory Committee of the National Conference was "successful" has been agreed between all parties involved in the political process such that the Constitution is the sole authority to resolve all differences and to ensure the independence of the Iraqi judiciary.

He noted during a meeting Tuesday in his office in Baghdad adviser to the U.S. Government Senior Brett Mkourk, that there will be a meeting early next week is discussed working papers that will provide the political blocs and discuss all outstanding issues, pointing out that the intention is to bring all partners to the dialogue and involvement in Conference.

The differences between Iraqi politicians have come to the surface after a warrant against the Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi on charges of supporting terrorism and al-Maliki sought to isolate his deputy, Saleh al-Mutlaq and Kiedian are prominent in the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi.

Differences and raised fears of sectarian tensions was the reason for the killing of tens of thousands of Iraqis in 2006 and 2007.

Some warn that a failure of the upcoming conference will end the current political process as a whole, and lead Iraq into a vacuum, may lead to the dissolution of the House of Representatives, and an early general election, which will pay towards the collapse of a security risk, began his features the current show, through the expansion of blasting operations in more of an Iraqi city.

Maliki has accused Iraqi shirking on the implementation of the terms of an agreement to form a government, marginalized and uniqueness to make decisions, but blocks other allied with al-Maliki, such as the Sadr movement was trying to mediate between the two sides to resolve differences.

The head of the parliamentary bloc, Bahaa al-Ahrar that the preparatory meeting of the National Conference was "positive," pointing out that "the National Alliance made many demands include a solution to all problems in the current political situation and develop solutions to them."

He said in a statement that "the National Alliance waiting for paper-based Iraqi to be submitted during the preparatory meeting on Sunday to merge with the paper of the National Alliance for discussion on Monday," noting that "the Kurdistan Alliance did not provide any paper work, but demanded by reference to the Convention on the Erbil."

The Chairman of the Liberal parliamentary bloc of the Sadrist movement that "the National Alliance to Egypt to be a focus of this paper is the understanding for the development of a new map after the withdrawal of the occupier and refer to the builders of the essential building the Iraqi state."

He pointed out that al-Araji, "the Iraqi List, demanded amendments to the Constitution and the laws that change the text of the top parties and this refusal to face the National Alliance, and stressed that there is consensus in the field to any problem contrary to the Constitution."

The first meeting of the Committee of the National Conference, held in the middle of last month, has ended without conclusive results to resolve the political crisis, particularly in defining the place and time and agenda of the Conference, where only listen to the words of the heads of the blocks.