Monetary Policy in Iraq
February 24, 2010 · Posted in NEWS
Hussein star

World countries north and south countries pay particular attention to the national or central Bpennekha also called it literature on strategic monetary policy (central bank), and despite the effectiveness and the failure of any performance differences among central banks in the management of monetary policy.

Here we have to point to the experience of the Iraqi Central Bank which we commend Baklanitha in the management of monetary policy in times of state variable and shifting towards a market economy. There are two schools of monetary policy in Iraq, the first formal and strategic decision makers of Iraq, and the second does not hold decision-making authority but have visions and ideas for management of monetary policy, and a lot of universities and experts working in banks and advisers in the advisers are pioneers, but also the other hand there is a school finance in Iraq runs the Iraqi dinar is school through monetary policy the central bank and the school finance through the Ministry of Finance and advisory bodies and entities associated with the ministry. This is a positive thing, but in return I found that many of those who represent the second power of monetary policy in a school began offering visions of advocacy for change in policy, fundamentalism, and the dilemma here is that there is confusion between monetary policy and macro-policies for the management of the Iraqi economy, central bank independence in spite of the full decision Pursuant to, but that his vision of the Iraqi economy is part of the solution is a holistic economic Balstratejip of the Iraqi state, which has long written about it and pointed to the state project for overall development. But what concerns us now from the above that the central bank’s policies are not considered solely responsible for the economic problems, if any, because he’s not done by the Center during the past years in supplying the cash reserves of Iraq and the award of the Iraqi dinar will be the Iraqi currency worth anything in The ranks of big and small effective values central banks in monetary policy, which is a feature which States boasts gleaming. Today we talk about what we want that the Iraqi economy suffers from distortions and these distortions can not blame one side and not the executive bodies operating at the helm of economic management of the Iraqi state as a whole, and thus in spite of the impact and emotion, between the policy of the Iraqi Central Bank in managing monetary policy and fiscal policy administered by the Iraqi government through the Ministry of Finance and advisory bodies, we must focus our conversation in the spirit of intellectual Calendar for the building and find a mature partnership mechanisms between the monetary and fiscal policy, because they are two sides of one coin is the Iraqi dinar.