Iraqi belongs to the base lead of armed groups in Syria to fight the regular army Syrian
Sunday, August 19 / August 2012 10:00

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} confirmed one person insurgents in Syria and called Mubarak Bathali completeness ranks of what he called {Mujahideen} in all Syrian cities after the arrival of crews from the "Al Qaeda", led by Abu al-Walid Iraqi, who was leading the operations in the Qaim area of Iraq.
said Bathali in a statement quoted by the newspaper {} Kuwaiti politics that "Ibwalulad Iraqi settled in the Syrian city of Aleppo and the coordination between {} Mujahideen al-Qaeda and so-called Free Syrian Army fighters and Ansar al-Islam and other formations there."

He added that "the Syrian border" has become more wide open than ever before, allowing freedom of movement and delivery of reinforcements with ease. "

The Iraqi government has taken strong measures to Iraqi-Syrian border to prevent the transmission of militants between the two countries.