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U.S. report: Iraqi banks and oil smugglers bring Iran dollars needed
SUNDAY, AUGUST 19 / AUGUST 2012 08:30
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Twilight News / newspaper "New York Times" U.S., that Iraq helps Iran to evade economic sanctions imposed over its nuclear program, using a network of financial institutions and oil smuggling operations that provide the crucial Tehran influx of dollars.

The newspaper said that in some cases condones Iraqi government officials on trade with Iran, while benefiting other officials in Baghdad directly link these activities with many of them close relations with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

The newspaper added that U.S. President Barack Obama acknowledged this problem last month when a small Iraqi banks to prevent a bank from any Elaph Islamic dealings with the U.S. banking system.

Obama said at the time that the bank "easy trade worth millions of dollars on behalf of Iranian banks subject to sanctions because of their links with activities of illegal Iranian arms proliferation."

However experts told bankers Iraqi newspaper Elaph Islamic Bank is still involved in the daily auction of Central Bank of Iraq, which could be of commercial banks to sell Iraqi dinars and buy dollars. Through these auctions Iran can increase its reserves of dollars that are used in the purchase of imports necessary.

The newspaper quoted sources in the Obama administration and U.S. and Iraqi officials and current and former bankers and experts oilfields as saying that Washington has complained in private conversations of Iraqi officials of financial relations and logistics between Baghdad and Tehran.

The newspaper added that in one case that occurred recently when he learned Obama that the Iraqi government will help the Iranians by allowing them to use Iraqi airspace to transport supplies to Syria telephoned Maliki to complain about him and followed the Iranian aircraft then another path.

The newspaper said the Iranian organizations took over what appears on four commercial banks Iraqi least through intermediaries Iraqis, giving Iran access directly to the international financial system and the economic sanctions prohibit access to it.