Rikabi: foreign agendas behind the positions of some political blocs
And independent press - 08/19/2012 AD - 11:05 | Hits: 18

Called the National Alliance MP Ibrahim Rikabi political blocs to accept initiatives dialogue and resolve the current crisis, pointing to the existence of foreign agendas behind the worsening situation in Iraq and control some of the political blocs.

Rikabi, told the independent press (Iba) The survival of the political process in the conflicts and debates generates a kind of suspicion structure of the political blocs opposition to the work of the government of the Iraqi List, the Kurdistan Alliance, calling those blocks to sit down at the negotiating table.

He added there are foreign agendas control some of the political blocs and stand behind their positions on resolving the crisis, questioning the structure of the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance to resolve the outstanding problems, he said, adding that the insistence of the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance not to show flexibility in order to resolve the outstanding problems behind Asttratejah certain may be national or far from National.

He demanded the political blocs that correspond to any initiative that would address the crisis and solve the outstanding problems between the political parties in order to stabilize the political and security situation.