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Republic of Iraq Monetary Summit Briefing
The Republic of Iraq National Government, United States of America and its coalition allies are in the
midst of confirming the 18 December 2009 date to discuss monetary terms concerning our globalization
of the New Iraqi Dinar. Confirmations have been established by 13 of the 22 parties needed to proceed
with these dealings (15 are needed to validate hearings).
In a recent summit, finance minister Adel Abdul Mahdi wrote the following:

English Translation (summarized): We feel strongly that these summit hearings will result in a complete
globalization of our national currency and that we shall soon see a dramatic increase in the value of our
legal tender.

Minister of Petroleum, Ibrahim Bahr al-Uloum, wrote Wednesday, December 2009:

English Translation (summarized): Our abundance of natural resources has positioned us to take full
advantage of the current international economic crisis. I strongly believe the New Iraqi Dinar will soon
be a respected currency within the global marketplace.
The al-Ittilaf al-Watani al-Iraqi (National Iraqi Alliance) mainly composed of Shi'ite Islamist Arab parties,
has recently expressed approval of the forthcoming Iraqi Monetary Summit and also anticipate the
future currency stabilization to result in national unity and internal strengthening.
The Saed Al Shuhada Islamic Movement appears to be the only national organization that
opposes the Monetary Summit. Salam al-Maliki has stated that he disagrees with the summit meeting
due to what he calls, the current condition of national unrest and the ever changing stability of the
Iraqi national climate. His concerns were well documented during the recent hearings of the Iraqi
National Dialogue Council. His concerns have not affected President Jalal Talabaniís decision to hold the
Trade minister Abdel-Karim Mahoud al-Mohammedawi and finance minister Ali Adbul-Amir Allawi have
recently issued this speculative briefing which was sent to all members of the governing council:

English Translation (summarized): We feel through a series of strong and productive hearings, we could
come to realize a globally unified currency. The affects of international trading of the New Iraqi Dinar,
could see the value of our currency be assessed as high as $1.85 as compared to $1 USD. This is purely
speculative but our countryís strong foundation of renewable resources along with a sturdy history of
agricultural exportation supports this speculative estimate. Conversely, we feel as though the floor price
could possibly be as low as $1.10 as compared to $1 USD, given a substantial decrease in the 2006
calculation of our gross domestic product evaluations.
You are receiving this news because:
A: You are an international dealer of The New Iraqi Dinar
B: You have purchased a substantial amount of The New Iraqi Dinar
C: You are/were a contributing member of the US Embassy in the Republic of Iraq
D: You are/were a member of the federal parliamentary republic.
E: You were an affiliate of the governmentís austerity measures agenda.
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