Iraqi List: the fight against corruption more effective than borrowing $ 3 billion from the IMF
February 27, 2010 · Posted in NEWS
Criticized the Iraqi List, Saturday, the federal government to borrow more than three and a half billion dollars from the IMF without compelling reasons, in her opinion.

. Said Hani Ashour advisor to the leader Iyad Allawi’s list should have been on the government planning to combat corruption, which is wasting billions of dollars from state coffers annually, noting that the fire of Iraq’s debt would be useless for borrowing.

Hani Ashour attributed the reluctance of some countries in the world to invest in Iraq to these loans-it will lead to economic inflation procedure, an expression of bad economic management pursued by Baghdad.

Ashour and warned of worsening economic collapse in Iraq, who lives about 20% of people below the poverty line, indicating that the next government will be burdened with such loans.

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