Conscious / Increase the Capital of Warka Bank for Asttmarwaltamoil to 250 Billion Dinars
March 1, 2010 · Posted in NEWS
Conscious / Baghdad / m. C

1/3/2010 7:22 pm

Ratified the General Authority for Warka Bank for Investment and finance on the Bank increased its capital from 75 billion dinars to 250 billion dinars.

An official source at the bank’s correspondent (and news agency, Iraqi Information / conscious) That the increase rate reached 233.33% of the capital of the bank, and the amount of the increase was 175 billion dinars. He thus Warka Bank of the highest Iraqi banks in the amount of capital As well as being the first in a modern system, admitted on the mechanics of banking such as Visa card and the card Crane and couldn card international and accepted all over the world. He explained as the introduction of the pay of employees and retirees according to the smart card system.

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