Political first: Talabani discuss with Paris Bwalun efforts to remove Iraq from Chapter VII
March 1, 2010 · Posted in NEWS
France intends to implement cultural projects and agricultural in the Kurdistan region

Baghdad – Erbil / morning

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, with the French ambassador in Baghdad, Boris Bwalun relations between the two countries and ways of enhancing them in the political
And economic, commercial and cultural developments and the efforts made by France to get Iraq out of Chapter VII.

The presidential statement received a copy of the morning that President Talabani welcomed during a meeting yesterday at his residence in the city of Kirkuk Assadorbwalun steps of boosting bilateral relations between Iraq and France so as to ensure common interests and achieve prosperity for the peoples of both countries Alsidikinookd French ambassador during the meeting which was attended by the French Consul General in the Kurdistan region Frederick Teso his relentless pursuit within the Security Council in order to expel Iraq from Chapter VII of money.That France intends to implement cultural projects and farming in the province of Kurdistan.
He said the French ambassador in Baghdad, Boris Bwalun in a speech in Arabic during the opening of the French Cultural Center in Erbil, a formal evening yesterday that his Government was implementing a cultural and heritage projects and agricultural in the Kurdistan region in the coming period, according to reporter Manglh ?morning? in Arbil) H. Bauer (. Bwalun said that the center would provide a bridge for cultural cooperation between the province and his country and contribute to further rapprochement between France and northern Iraq, pointing out that the embassy in connection with the opening of the Center for France for research and antiquities in Iraq during the summer. The ?will be the opening of France’s status and implications for research and social sciences in Erbil and one of the researchers, archaeologists will visit the region as a starting point for cooperation in the field of French Kurdish effects. ?and that his country will open this year, France House Agriculture, Environment and Water in Kurdistan, noting that the House will be transferred French expertise in agriculture to the region and Iraq.