Oil Ministry and the prime minister constitute a joint committee to study the draft oil and gas law (HCL)

Date: 25/06/2015 13:34


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revealed the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, Thursday, for the formation of the Oil Ministry and the Office of the joint committee to study the draft oil and gas law for the purpose of prepared and approved by the Cabinet of Prime Minister, denying that there was no external pressure to delay the approval of the law.
A member of the committeeMP Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum told / information /, "The oil and gas from the important and necessary laws which must approve the law in order to regulate the processes of production and export," he said, adding that "there are no drafts of the bill only primary draft to the Council of Ministers, which would be examined by the Committee referred to".
He added that " Law will not perform during the next legislative term, or even this year without being resolved differences blocs on the production or export potential export destination. "
and denied Bahr al-Ulum "statements made ​​by some that the reason for the delay in submitting the draft oil and gas law goes back to the international foreign Dguatat is real and baseless, "asserting that" the law for the Iraqis alone? an and any external intervention to being a purely organic law. " Ended / 25 m