Research Center Emirates: Elections Will Determine the Future of Iraq in the Coming Years
March 4, 2010 · Posted in NEWS
Iraq News | 04/03/2010
Dubai / Orr News

Arab report confirmed that Iraq is now at a crossroads and its success in the legislative elections to be held next week, and the formation of a new national consensus and are able to confront the internal and external sound is a step in the right way.

Described the leaflet “Health News” issued by “The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research” This election, as important and influential station in Iraq’s future being held in a range of different challenges faced by the country recently.

She said that the Iraqi government, which will come out of these elections is that will manage the affairs of Iraq at some point after the American withdrawal in August next and will have the responsibility to prove they are capable of running conditions and maintain security and stability in the country.

Under the title “a significant milestone in the history of Iraq,” he pointed out that despite the various crises that have accompanied this election, there is a determination by the various political forces make it a success and move forward towards the consolidation of the political process in the country.

She added that the outcome of the elections will contribute to determining the future of Iraq during the next few years. of citizenship and away from sectarianism, marking the victory of one and the success of the formation of new government could be restoring the formation of political action in Iraq, according to national standards and away from a purely sectarian and ethnic factionalism which has cost the Iraqis a heavy price during the past years.

It considered that the nature of the challenges that will have on any future Iraqi government to deal with the challenges of the future is not only on the inside coils only outstanding, but confining itself to external challenges as well as ending border file with some neighboring countries and how to work to restore Iraq’s relations with various Arab countries. ...