Egypt receives first shipment of Iraqi oil the end of the week

2017/5/15 9:13


[Oan- follow - up]
Chairman of the Egyptian General Authority for Petroleum, Abed Ezz said the men, said that Egypt will receive the first shipments of Iraqi Basra crude, estimated at about two million barrels, before the end of this week.
The Chairman of the Petroleum Authority, in a statement to the "seventh day" the Egyptian, " The cargo moved from the port of Basra , Iraq, several days ago and on the way to enterthe Egyptian ports."
The Oil Ministry announced on the fourth of this May for the export of the first shipment of crude oil to Egypt through the southern ports load two million barrels, within the agreement between Iraq and Egypt, which requires providing the Egyptian side , the amount of 12 million barrels per year by two million barrels every two months of Basra crude oil light, and it lasts for a viable year for renewal, and the terms of payment of soft, plus it will be the Iraqi oil refineries in Egyptian refineries.