Popular crowd the choice between surrender Aldoaash or murder

5/16/2017 0:00


Security expert: the arrival of our troops to the border gives strategically dimension security to the country of
Mosul / morning
confirmed a senior source in the form of the popular crowd on Monday that the crowd forces drove a weapon Mfajkhat "Daesh" for its effectiveness, and while the source announced that surround Kairouan area in the Nineveh completely, he stressed that "Aldoaash" trapped there is no choice but to surrender or murder.
The executive assistantto the body popular crowd Abu Ali script in a press statement followed the "morning": " The crowd heroic forces drove weapon car bombs for" Daesh "for its effectiveness thanks to the accurate potential and continuous destruction of the great effort of the engineering field in the construction of earth mounds , " explained script that "forces the popular crowd completed the ring around the hand of Kairouan and Qahtanite within the first page of operations (Muhammad , the Messenger of Allah II) in order to reach the Syrian border , "noting that" the engineering effort continues to establish mounds and trenches around the liberated villages towards Kairouan center, where are mostly locked, "said kufi, that "elements" Daesh "now Trapped inside Kairouan, powerless before them but to surrender or murder. "
For his part, the commander of the Second Brigade in the popular crowd cream Khaqani, that there is no port in front of the elements of "Daesh" terrorist only to flee to Syria, said: " The heroes of the popular crowd had played a significant role in the liberation of Kairouan operations despite the difficult terrain , " noting " The operations are going according to the decree of her," Khaqani added that " the coming days will witness the quality of operations towards the last strongholds of the centers of the " Daesh "terrorist , " adding that he "did not stay in front of the elements Daesh port or shelter only to flee to Syria."
In turn, stressed the European Center for counter - terrorism adviser to the security expert , Abdul - Karim Khalaf, the arrival of the crowd forces to the border with Syria will give strategically dimension security to the country, Khalaf said in a statement on Monday: The "popular crowd free dozens of villages record time and his forces now control control of the belt hand Kairouan fully, "adding that" the most prominent successes of the crowd in the operations represent a liberation of the village (Alkhnesa) , which is a center for the leadership of the "Daesh" terrorist.
He said Khalaf, " the liberation of Kairouan and continue to crowd its operations towards the Baaj district will put him on the Iraqi - Syrian border, a the development of strategic level of operations Military against "Daesh" terrorist ", pointing out that" control over an important part of the border with Syria , will give an important dimension and boost Iraq 's military capabilities. "