The United Nations expects the displacement of 200 thousand others from Ayman al-Mosul

2017/5/18 12:35


[Oan- Baghdad]
United Nations expected the displacement of 200 thousand more people from the remaining occupied areas to the right side of the city of Mosul.
He said the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq, Lisa Grande, in a statement on Thursday that "up to 200 thousand more people have been fleeing Mosul with the intensification of fightingbetween Iraqi forces and Daesh in the city."
She added , "With the intensification of military operations and approached the old city in the Mosul area we expect the escape of up to 200 thousand others."
The Iraqi government has announced statistics the number of people displaced from Nineveh province since the start of editing operations on 17 October last and reached more than 700 thousand including 400 thousand only from the city of Mosul.
The Joint Operations Command announced on Tuesday the first survival rate of only 10% of the occupied territories the right side of the connector, and it 's on the verge of liberation.