Infallible Jordan: the elimination Daesh in Iraq within months

2017/5/19 16:32


[Oan- follow - up]
President of the Republic, Fuad Masum , confirmed on Friday the end of the presence of terrorist Daesh gangs in Iraq approaching , "adding that" it is soon over limited months. "
This came during a meeting infallible number of media representatives of Arab and international in the capital Amman on the sidelines of the World Economic Forumon the Middle East and North Africa Forum.
Masum said that the societal interests in Iraq "is essential" and eliminate Daesh military "is not enough , " noting the importance of the prosecution of terrorist ideology and eliminate in Iraq and the Arab world.
He praised the infallible in this regard the efforts in support of his country exerted by Jordan , particularly in the fight against terrorism, through coordination between the Arab and international parties.
He pointed out that the position of King Abdullah II of Jordan as President of the Arab summit at its current "supportive" of all efforts that are in the interest of the Iraqi and Arab affairs in general.
He expressed the hope to reach with the participating parties and supporting peace to Iraq 's reconstruction phase and begin the process of steps towards this direction , considering that this stage requires concerted efforts and diligent follow - up , which will be discussed at the Economic Forum in Jordan.