Iraq calls on UN to "courageous decisions"

2017/8/11 16:24


Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari and UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan's representative in Iraq discussed the latest political and security developments.
Al-Jaafari praised the role of the United Nations and humanitarian organizations in the relief of the displaced and provide them with help and support despite thedangers. He also discussed the role of the international community in the reconstruction of the liberated areas.
He stressed that "Iraq successfully passed the stage of urging after liberating the cities that were in his grip, but the preacher did not end because it is a mixture of ideas and abnormal hatred and brutality unparalleled in history, it is aimed at killing a person regardless of religion and race and sex.
Al-Jaafari called on the United Nations to play a greater role in mobilizing the international community to provide more help and assistance to Iraq to enable it to face the challenges posed by the fight against terrorism. "We look forward to taking courageous decisions in assisting Iraq and taking courageous decisions in support of Iraq's security and militarily. international, particularly the efforts made by the United Nations and its affiliated organizations that have contributed to the alleviation of the displaced people crisis. "
for his part , the representative of the Secretary - General of the United Nations said that the world view of Iraq has changed and has begun to realize Iraq 's power, especially after the great victory, adding: neighboring countries , the Open Well help Iraq to come there and conferences on supporting Iraq 's reconstruction and stability. "