A $ 85,000 Muslim woman who was forced to take off her hijab in the United States

2017/08/11 14:58


Baghdad today - follow up

The US police have compensated a Muslim woman for $ 85,000 for forcing her to take off her veil in Long Beach, a suburb of Los Angeles, as part of a consensual agreement.

"Kirsty Powell, an American of African and Muslim origin, filed a complaint after police officers forcibly removed her veil from two male policemen and dozens of detainees," the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said in a statementposted on its website.

"Ms. Powell wore the headscarf in accordance with her religious beliefs and was forced to spend the night blatantly when she was suspended," the council said, adding that it "described the experience as causing a deep shock."

"Other towns in the Orange, San Bernardino and Los Angeles areas have amended their laws to protect the right to wear headscarves while in detention," the agency said.

Powell was arrested during routine identity checks on charges that are still being investigated. During her arrest, security men said she had to take off her hijab. Her request was rejected by a policewoman for her search and she was not allowed to wear her hijab when she was being held under investigation.