Zebari: referendum on the scheduled date

2017/8/12 15:40


The former minister of finance, a member of the political bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Hoshyar Zebari, said on Saturday that the Kurds would hold a referendum on independence on Sept. 25, as scheduled despite a US request to postpone it.
"The date, as of September 25, has not changed," he said in a press statement, commenting on a request made by US Secretary of State Rex Tilerson.
The State Department said in June it feared the referendumwould divert attention from "other more urgent priorities" such as the defeat of gangs and the "terrorist threat."
Kurdish parties agreed on June 7 to hold a referendum on September 25 and elections on November 6, And
Iran, Turkey, the United States, Russia, the United Nations and Germany, as well as Baghdad, held a referendum on the independence of Kurdistan to threaten the unity of Iraq.