URGENT Joint operations: There is no US military base in Tal Afar

Posted, 2017/8/12 21:04


denied the joint operations command, news of the establishment of a US military base near the district of Tall Afar west of the city of Mosul.
"There is no US military base within the district of Tal Afar district west of Mosul," Joint Operations spokesman Brigadier Yehia Rasool said in a statement received by the All Iraq agency. "The participation of US and coalition forces is part of theprovision of air support, Intelligence, imaging, air strikes and their work, as was done by providing advice in the process of liberating Mosul. "
Rasul called on the media to adopt the accurate news from the military media cell or the well-known military leaders or official spokesmen of the security ministries.
An official military source revealed last Wednesday the establishment of a US military base near Tal Afar district, west of Mosul.
The official said the unit of heavy military vehicles of the Iraqi army Lieutenant Colonel Mahdi al-Khafaji said in a press statement that the establishment of the base came under consultations between US and Iraqi forces, last Friday, in the Zammar area west of Mosul.
According to Khafaji, the technical and engineering teams completed more than 50% of the work of establishing the base.
He pointed out that "US special forces and advisers, arrived by armored vehicles to the location of the base, and stationed in it."
The military base is to be used to oversee the liberation of Tal Afar from the control of the terrorist, according to the source.