New government decisions on the Kurdistan region [expanded]

2017/10/9 11:41


The federal government announced new decisions towards the Kurdistan region, which held a referendum on secession on 25 of last month.
"The Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abbadi, presided over a meeting of the Ministerial Council for National Security. The Councilhas blessed the great victories achieved by our heroine forces of all kinds in Hawija and its approach to the liberation of all lands," a statement from the Prime Minister's Office said. Iraq and the crushing of terrorist gangs. "
"The priority remains for the battle, the defeat of terrorism, the liberation of territories and the securing of borders," the council said.
In regard to the illegal referendum in the Kurdistan region, the Council continued to "implement the previous decisions of the Council of Ministers and the measures taken and continue, in addition to taking new measures to restore the federal authority in the region and disputed areas, stressing that these measures are not punitive or oppressed by the Kurdish citizen, but is For his benefit. "
The Council also followed the statement, "the lawsuit filed by the prosecution to prosecute state officials within the region who carried out the referendum procedures in violation of the decisions of the Federal Court and that there is a list of the names of the accused were prepared and take legal action against them."
He also said "the measures taken by the Iraqi money recovery team to follow up the accounts of Kurdistan region and the accounts of officials in the region who deposit the funds of oil export in their accounts and presented the report of the committee charged with this file, which included several decisions that will contribute to the recovery of Iraqi funds and the prosecution of corrupt.
The Ministerial Council on National Security issued a "decision to be the mobile communications networks under federal authority and transfer to Baghdad."
The Council continued to request the government officially from Iran and Turkey to deal with the federal government exclusively with regard to the border ports and the closure of all ports with these two countries until the receipt of management by the federal government, and stop all commercial transactions and in particular concerning the export of oil and sale with the Kurdistan region, The file with the Iraqi federal government exclusively as the Council issued other resolutions and measures in this regard. "